What to do with leftover fabric?

Fabric is the basic ingredient for any garment. It can be used for weaving, crocheting and knitting. Fabric is a material made up of natural and artificial fibers. It resembles the textile being stitched. They can be further characterized on the basis of material, design and by craft. The Design Cart is an online store that serves you with a large variety of fabrics and related trims to create fashionable top wear, bottom wear and associated accessories.

Fabric Swatches

Printed fabrics are creating a new fashion trend. They can be used to adorn accessories and garments. Hand dyed fabrics with batik, tie-dye and block print techniques look amazing on accent pieces and go well with any look. Light weight fabrics like cambric, poplin and georgette are used for making beautiful dresses. There is a certain amount of fabric that is used to make garments; however, the extra fabric is often thrown away. Thanks to the DIY techniques of using left over fabrics that you can use small bits of fabrics and make something creative out of it.

Assorted Products

Identify the hidden creative person in you and decorate your accessories to form something trendy. When it comes to fabrics, we often limit ourselves with forming garments, but these colorful pieces can also be used to enrich furnishings with a variety of designs and patterns. Do not hold back the designer in you and trigger your creative stimuli to form something unique and innovative.


Bows and Ties

Bows and Ties can be easily made by left over fabrics. The fabric used however, should be woven and not knit. It should not stretch. Fabric needs to be chosen wisely. Big prints on the fabric make an attractive item, but not always. Fold the piece of fabric, keeping right sides of the fabric together and stitch both the ends. Turn right side outwards, forming a pouch like structure. Fold the fabric pouch in half and stitch from the center in such a way that it forms a bow like structure. You can also decorate this bow with fancy buttons and other embellishments. Large size beads, stones and crystals can be used to decorate these little adornments. Left over fabrics can also be used to make ties, by folding them in a desired way to get the appropriate tying pattern.


DIY Clutches

Clutches decorated with fabric pieces look amazing and are a running trend, accepted by people of all generations. Small pieces of fabrics can be used to adorn your clutches or handbags by gluing them as patches or these fabrics can also be used for making your own DIY clutch. You can make a beautiful fold over clutch with left over fabrics and glue. The fabric is folded and glued on three adjacent sides and then, it is turned over. You can attach a zipper or a button on the forth side. Your DIY clutch can be decorated with rhinestones, beads and other embellishments to make it look attractive and pretty.


DIY Headband

Small pieces of fabrics can also be used to secure your hair. A simple piece of fabric can be used to tie your hair as a rubber band. Also, this rubber band can be decorated with beads and other embellishments to enhance its look. A stretchable fabric can be tied from both its extreme ends and used as a hair band to add grace to your hair. You might also require elastic to attach both ends of the fabric with needle and thread for better hold over your hair.


Diy Crop Tops

The coming generation is swooning over crop tops. They have an exceptional craze towards beautiful crop tops. To your surprise, crop tops can be made out of just one meter of fabric. From floral to polkas, all the fabrics can be used to make pretty crop tops. All you need to know about is your measurements and basic sewing techniques. Halter neck, noodle strap, back ties; all the crop tops can be used to make pretty upper garments that add an edge and look classy on the wearer.


DIY Scarves

Scarves are the need of the hour. Who doesn’t need scarves or own one? Small fabrics form beautiful scarves. Raw edges of fabric need to be cleaned and also, tassels can be added to the edges of the fabric to make it look appealing. These beautiful pieces when rolled around your neck enhance your look and add an edge to your overall appearance. Scarves are an icing on top of your basic cake look.

The Design Cart offers you a large variety of fabrics to create beautiful pieces to maintain your look according to the current trend. Buy a variety of fabrics online on The Design Cart.

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