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      What is Khadi fabric?

      Khadi cloth is a handwoven textile that is traditionally made in India using natural fibers like cotton or silk, known for its unique texture and breathability.

      Is Khadi cloth suitable for sensitive skin? 

      Yes, Khadi fabric, especially Khadi cotton fabric, is known for its softness and hypoallergenic properties. It’s suitable for sensitive skin.

      Is Khadi fabric expensive?

      Khadi fabric is known for its affordability and value, offering a sustainable and handcrafted textile at reasonable prices.

      Is Khadi cloth 100% cotton?

      Traditionally, Khadi fabric is made from 100% cotton. However, there are now some Khadi fabrics that are made from other fibers, such as silk, jute, and wool.

      Which state is famous for khadi?

      Khadi is famous all over India, but there are some states that are particularly known for their production of Khadi. Such as:

      • Andhra Pradesh
      • Gujarat
      • West Bengal
      • Maharashtra
      • Tamil Nadu

      How many types of khadi fabric are there?  

      There are many different types of khadi fabric, but they can be broadly classified into four categories:

      • Cotton Khadi
      • Silk Khadi
      • Wool Khadi
      • Jute Khadi

      Can I find both plain and printed Khadi fabric? 

      Absolutely! Khadi fabric offers a range of options. You can find plain Khadi fabric for a minimalist look or opt for printed Khadi fabric to add patterns and designs to your creations.

      Can I order Khadi fabric in bulk for wholesale purposes? 

      Absolutely! Thedesigncart, offer wholesale options for those looking to order Khadi fabric in larger quantities for business or design purposes. You can reach us and we will try our best to help you and make your experience with us a happy one.