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Beige Self Stripes Cotton Khadi Fabric
Beige Self Stripes Cotton Khadi Fabric
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Beige Self Stripes Cotton Khadi Fabric

Colour- Beige Khadi is a hand-woven natural fiber, with base fabric cotton. Cotton Khadi blend is a versatile fabric that can be used in summers as...

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Khadi Fabric is normally woven from cotton and may likewise incorporate silk, or fleece, which are altogether spun into yarn on a turning wheel called a charkha. It is an adaptable fabric with a rough texture. It stays cool in summers and warm in winters. Khadi items have a very Indian look and outline and chiefly utilized in making kurta’s and dress. Classic khadi fabric is woven with thin grey warp and multicolor wefts forming random streaks of different colours. The handspun cotton yarn gives a rough textured khadi surface which softens after every wash. Buy Khadi Fabric Online at The Design Cart.

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