Mukaish is a deep rooted work of art that has been drilled in and around the Awadh district close to Lucknow for quite a long time—it began as right on time as the third century BC. The metal weaving was at first begun as an embellishment to chikankari work, so the Nawabs and Mughals could make their chikankari equips significantly more exquisite and expand for night wear. Initially, mukaish work was simply used to make little specks that decorated chikankari articles of clothing, and to add some bling and shimmer to them. Notwithstanding, throughout the long term, due to the excellence and multifaceted nature of the work, architects started making all-mukaish pieces too.

      Artisans of mukaish work hail from around Awadh. It basically is the men who do this embroidery. The little dots are created by the women at home, but basic patterns and the leaves are done by men of the community.