Largest Selection of Fire Polished Beads at the hottest prices! Fire polished beads are faceted, heat-polished and meet the highest quality and consistency standards. Fire polished beads come in  various types of cuts, such as multiple, diamond or rose cuts, and tens of combinations and various varieties of fire polished beads also used for costume jewelry. One can also choose from a range of surface finishes including iris coatings, lustre coatings, vacuum coatings, luxurious precious metals, linings and many others. The fire used to create fire polished beads seems to radiate from within the bead itself-making these shimmering beads sparkle just like leaded crystals, at just a fraction of the price. Fire polished beads are super durable and multi purpose. Fire polished beads give an appearance of polished precious stones and are in style today! Find our extensive collection of fire polished beads here!