DIY Jewelry Making

Gems and jewelry form an important part of various cultures across the world. India is well known for its handmade jewelry and is one of the first countries to make jewelry out of metals and stones.Jewelry designs were earlier made up of precious metals and gemstones such as Gold, Silver, Diamond, Ruby and Sapphires. Current fashion trends are evolving with time. Designer jewellery and fashion jewelry making has started minimizing the craftsmanship, but they look elegant. DIY Jewelry making is a creative way of reusing various beads, stones and crystals, that you once thought cannot be further used. DIY necklaces, DIY earrings are innovated in different ways and are widely accepted by people of all age groups.

DIY jewellery accessories

DIY Jewelry making is much more than making jewelry pieces at lower cost; it can also be made suiting your personal style and taste. Fashion jewelry with this DIY Jewelry making technique, has found a whole new way to be recognized; they are simple, yet glamorous. Jewellery designs are wide and can be made out of beads, rhinestones, crystals and many other products. DIY Jewelry making enables you to make beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets, anklets and earrings, on your own. DIY Jewelry making is a great business idea for hands on creative people. However, being technical is also a bonus in this. For successful DIY Jewelry making, you require little time, effort and skills with a variety of tools and materials. Not everyone can buy expensive jewelry, but everyone wants to look the best and to master the art of DIY Jewelry making, you don’t have to attend expensive craft classes, just read our blog and be a pro in DIY Jewelry making. Happy Reading!!


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Starting aimless will lead you nowhere. You have to focus on first things first; “What do I want?”, and then proceed. Scrolling various jewelry designs and looking for fashion jewelry, in a hope to make one for yourself, sounds good but you have to start from basics. If you are not willing to learn crochet, knit or embroidery all at once; you have to choose your preference. Choose which kind of jewellery interests you, is it beaded jewellery or metal stamp jewellery or maybe you need to work with leather, clay or glass. Instead of confusing yourself, choose one style first and go for it. Another step would be to choose the material that suits your jewellery design likings. Metals are usually used in the form of wires, chains and rings; to bind together other elements of jewelry pieces. You may use stones and gemstones, if you are making pendants or rings. Choose the stones based on your personal taste. Clasps can be used to add aesthetic appeal. Beads are frequently used in DIY Jewelry making. Polymer, glass, wood, shell, bone and beads are available in a wide variety of other materials as well.


DIY jewelry making

Whether you are creating beads jewelry, necklaces for women, bracelets or anklets; after planning for working with beads, clay, leather or any other material; there are a few basic skills you need to already know. Basic knowledge about DIY Jewelry making and designer jewellery is a must. How to open or close a jump ring properly and how to form a simple wire loop are the basics while making DIY jewelry. Once you know the basics, you are ready to shift to the next step of whatever you are creating. Also, few basic steps like straightening the wire, bending the wire and which side of the wire needs to be cut. How to make loops in a wire is necessary while making several DIY Jewelry components. Necklaces and bracelets should be made according to your personal preferences, but rings should be carefully sized. DIY Jewelry making is an easy yet creative art that requires basic skills to be mastered, to make a beautiful jewelry piece.



Using wire cutters and pliers from your household toolbox to start with, is a good idea. These tools make your task easy and accessible. However, for long run, one time investment in buying efficient tools like metal stamps will do no harm. Making necklaces for women or beads jewellery with necessary tools in your stash, makes your work inexpensive to make any particular piece. You would require several tools in order to make moderate to complex DIY Jewelry making designs. Scissors and wire cutters should be readily available with you. Measuring tapes are also required, that enables you to make accurate size DIY bracelets, necklaces or anklets. Also, hot fix guns; enable you to stick several small stones, sequins, rhinestones and other add-ons on your customized fashion jewelry.



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It is annoying to find the essentials of your work, all around the place. Organize yourself. Allot a specific room or even a drawer or desk for your hobby. Look for boxes to store all the required material like pins, beads and other add-ons. Figure out a system that goes well with you, and stick to it. Jewelry making supplies for beads jewellery, necklaces for women or DIY beaded necklaces are the essentials that you need to store, which are in your reach when an inspiration strikes. Update yourself with current fashion trends that broaden your thinking capabilities and inspire you with new ideas. During DIY Jewelry making, your creative stimuli need to be treated with ideas and inspirations. Collect pictures of jewelry pieces worn by celebrities and vintage jewelry designs and store them, as they might help you with designing different and beautiful design elements. Collect images, colors and textures; then identify themes that emerge and make you’re your own DIY Jewelry.


DIY Jewelry making

You are not a pro at every task and you may not succeed all at once. And that is OKAY!! Play around, make new things and you will definitely succeed. Look for different methods and techniques each time. It may not be always a win-win situation, but this may open versatile ends of your thinking capabilities. Weave, knit and make decorative jewelry pieces. Adorn yourself with something new and artistic. You might be a new trend setter with these DIY Jewelry making techniques.

Trigger your creative minds and make something new every day. Indulge yourself in something innovative. Also, if you want certain beads, semi precious stones, clasps etc. at your doorstep, have a look at the collection from The Design Cart. Thank us later.

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