Seed Beads are often used in creating intricate embroidery designs. Seed Beads add a unique glitter to your garments and clothing by hand embroidery. Czech Glass beads in particular are very famous and commonly used by fashion designers and jewellery designers. Moti or Poth are round rocailles that is these are spherical beads. Cut Dana or cut beads are hexagonal in shape. Nalki beads or pipe beads are also called Bugle beads. Some of the internationally known brands are Miyuki Beads, Preciosa Beads and Toho Beads. Golden Beads are the most popular type of beads. These embroidery beads can be stitched to any fabric and jewellery. We have Bodhi seed beads, Lotus Seed beads, Miyuki beads to buy online by fashion designers and boutique owners.

      Buy Glass Seed Beads online used in jewellery making by creating a continuous string of beads. These beads are put through special beading wires to create a layered string of beads in different colours and shapes. Seed beads are excellent to have on hand for peyote stitch projects, loomed creations, simple single-strand designs, and more. Buy Seed beads online at The Design Cart.