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    The Design Cart

    The Design Cart is a young and vibrant brand that aims to disrupt the entire procurement process for the fashion and jewellery industry. The current processes are out-dated in a highly unorganized industry thereby compounding the problem. Using technology, we are bringing the latest products to the doorstep of Designers.


    We have been in this business for the past 3 decades with an established presence in India's biggest wholesale market - Chandni Chowk. Our retail outlets are well known in export houses and garment manufacturers. We specialize in supplying high quality products to fabricators and apparel manufacturers. 

    Already listed as one of India's biggest importers of beads and stones, our product expertise and knowledge is deep with a keen focus on new and emerging trends in the world of fashion.

    Why Work With Us

    We cater to very specific needs of the following industries - apparel / fashion, bags, belts, fashion accessories and jewellery to name a few. 

    Product discovery – Find the latest designs on the market instantly. Choose from 1000s of products

    One Stop Shop – Find everything you need under the same roof.

    Order for Sampling – Check our product quality and colour before the production stage.

    Super Fast Delivery - We guarantee delivery between 48-72 hours so that your production never stops.

    Our endeavour is to use technology as an enabler to organize the supply chain for fashion designers, jewellery designers, bag and shoe designers and craft makers.

    Our range of products include
    • Beads - in glass, crystal, plastic
    • Stones - in glass, plastic, wood and ceramic
    • Pearls
    • Semiprecious Stones
    • Crystals
    • Buttons
    • Threads
    • Latkans

    Through an extensive supplier network, we are able to ensure that shape, size or colour never becomes a limiting factor for our clients. You will always find something new on our webstore.


    We strive to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible. Our order fulfilment and delivery teams ensure that your products reach you as soon as they are ready whilst our customer engagement team believes in supportive collaboration with our clients for mutual growth.

    Beads- Glass Seed beads| Acrylic Beads| Italian Chip beads| Crystal beads| Miyuki Seed beads| Pressed Glass Beads| Designer Beads| Plastic Beads| Resin Beads| Wooden Beads| Bone Beads| Velvet Beads| Metal Beads| Preciosa Seed beads Bugle Seed beads| 2 Cut Seed Beads| Round Seed Beads| Drop Glass Pearl| Oval Glass Pearl| Spherical Glass Pearl

    Fabric- Mashru Silk| Cotton| Khadi| Ikat Silk| Wool| Cambric| Poplin| Rayon| Polyester| Lycra| Nylon| Organic Cotton| Jacquard| Chiffon| Crepe| Satin| Georgette| Linen| Ajrak| HandBlocked| Chanderi| Batik| Twill| Mangalgiri| Kalamkari|

    Stones / Embellishments- Glass Stones| Resin stones| Plastic Stones| Ceramic Stones| Zircons / Chatons / Softy| Acrylic Stones| Stone / Chaton Cup Chains| Rhinestones / Hotfix| Metallic Rings

    Buttons- Acrylic Buttons| Cufflinks| Fancy Buttons| Polyester Buttons| Crystal Buttons| Handcrafted Buttons| Embroidery Buttons| Fabric Buttons| Metal Buttons| Pearl Buttons| Suit Buttons| Designer Buttons| Velvet Buttons| Wooden Buttons

    Tassels & Threads- Silk Emroidery Threads| Zari / Metallic Yarn / Badla| Polyester Threads| Thread Tassels| Leather Cord Tassels| Dabka / French Wire| Nakshi / Bullion Wire

    Assorted Products- Brooches| Latkans| Zircon / Shamballa Balls| Crochet Rings| Fabric Flowers| Motifs & Patches| Seashells

    Tools & Trims- Scissors / Trimmers| Hotfix Guns| measuring Tapes| Needles & Pins| Blouse / Bra Cups| Catalogues| Zippers

    Semi Precious Stones- Jade Quartz Stones| Onyx Stones| Embellishments| Cubic Zirconia Stones| Mother of Pearl

    Jewelry Findings- Glass Pearls| Sequins| Borders & Laces| Metal Chains| Meena Kundan Stones| Bead Caps| Pins, Posts & Jump Rings| Spacer Beads| DIY Jewellery Making

    Fashion Designing and Jewellery Designing- The Design Cart TM, is your one stop shop for all supplies for fashion designing, jewellery designing, crafting, beading, embroidery designs and assorted arts and crafts. You can now shop online for a range of beads, buttons, fabrics, embroidery material, threads, needles, French wire, acrylics, sequins, laces, borders, glass crystals, plastic stones, pom-poms and Zari / Zardosi. These products are used to create intricate hand embroidery designs, jewellery designs, silk thread jewellery designs, beading, dress material and for tailoring and stitching purpose. Bring your creativity to life with products from The Design Cart.
    Buy Beads Online- The Design Cart supplies beads at wholesale prices. Glass beads or seed beads are available in various shapes like cut dana, nalki, bugle, pipe beads, round rocailles or moti / poth. Crystal beads are Czech fire polished faceted beads available in rondelle, briolette, drop, cone and cube shapes. The range of acrylic beads available at The Design Cart is at wholesale prices. Preciosa, Miyuki and Toho are some international beads that are also available which are widely used in jewellery making and jewellery designing.
    Online Fabric Store- The Design Cart has a whole section to buy fabric online at wholesale prices. Printed fabrics are creating a new trend in the fashion industry. With perfect finish and texture, prints are available on cotton, silk, wool, rayon and many more. The Design Cart is also engaged in supplying beautiful embroidered fabrics. Hand dyed fabrics like Batik, Tie dye and Block print fabrics are in a great demand due to its acceptance among all the generations. Light weight poplin, cambric and georgette fabrics are used for making beautiful dresses and gowns. Ikat, the upcoming trendy fabric in multiple colors, is also supplied by The Design Cart. Faux, which is synthesized fur, leather and suede is also available at our online store.
    Stones / Embellishments- The Design Cart supplies a wide variety of embellishments and craft supplies at wholesale prices. Light weight plastic stones that can be molded into different shapes and sizes, are available in many colors. Ceramic stones and resin stones offer a great design flexibility. Glass stones, zircons/chatons and rhinestones add a shiny element to a basic piece of fabric. Metallic rings, chaton cup-chains are the new high fashion trends and are accepted by a large number of people. These embellishments and craft supplies that add glam to your basic garment are available at The Design Cart.
    Buy Buttons Online- Acrylic Buttons and glass acrylic buttons are light in weight and are used to adorn fabrics and other products. Handcrafted buttons, embroidered buttons and fabric buttons are fine and precise and they make any product look fashion forward. Pearl buttons add bling to the fabric and give it a shiny element. Rivets, suit buttons and metal buttons are the statement pieces of the garment. However, designer buttons, velvet and wooden buttons are an all-time favorite and make the piece of jewelry stand out. An exclusive range of such buttons is offered by The Design Cart at wholesale prices.
    Sequins- Disc shaped beads for decorative purposes on fabrics are sequins. Surface of sequins has multiple facets because of which they shine and reflect light and give a glittery appearance. Initially, these sequins were made from metal, but are now made up of plastic also. Available in various colors and sizes, these sequins add an edge to the garments, bags, shoes and other embroidery designs. Sequins are commonly used on clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes and many other things. These are stitched onto products, so that they can reflect light. Shop for sequins online on The Design Cart.
    Borders and Laces- The Design Cart supplies borders and laces at wholesale prices. These are cut-work laces and embroidered laces that are used as borders on the garments. Beautifully hand embroidered with silk and zari threads, these laces are used by designers for embellishing sarees and dresses of different kinds. These borders for sarees are crafted with mirror work, acrylic stones, pearls and rhinestones. This fine work on borders and laces add an element of design to the basic garment. Shop online for borders and laces only on The Design Cart.
    Tassels, Threads and Dabka - The Design Cart is a one stop shop for wholesale tassels, threads and Dabka. Dabka is lightweight, finely coiled and flexible wire which is used in embellishments and surface ornamentation of fabrics. Dabka wire is also used for beading and knotting while making jewelry. Dabka is also called French wire. Tassels, on the other hand, are the ornamental textile trim which is used as a finishing feature. These are separately made and are then sewn on the fabric. Tassles are also called fringes or latkans. Threads that are the basic element of any fabric and related things are also found at wholesale prices silk embroidery threads, zari yarn, polyester threads and nylon filament threads that are used for different purposes in fashion designing and jewelry making are available in fine quality.
    Semi- Precious Stones - Semi-precious stones are the gemstones which in their refined or cut form, are used to create jewelry and other embellishments. These stones are available in different colors, shapes and sizes. These stones can be beaded to form jewellery and these can be easily sewn on fabrics or used as embellishments. A variety of semi-precious stones like jade quartz, onyx, cubic zirconia, pearls and other embellishments are available online at wholesale prices at The Design Cart. Shop online for jewellery making findings and jewellery supplies only on The Design Cart.