Pins for jewelry making have a loop at one end and these can be used to create pendants and dangles. These pins can also be used as links in between the jewelry pieces. These eye pins for jewelry making, are primarily used to secure beads in a jewelry piece. These pins always save time as they can be easily manipulated to create bead links quickly. Pins for making jewelry are used to connect separate jewelry making components. 

      Components of an earring that are used to connect ear studs with the ear lobe, are called earring posts. These earring posts serve a mechanical function such as attaching and linking ear to the jewelry piece. Posts are a pin like finding that are attached to an earring. These jewelry finding posts pass through the pierced earlobe and are secured at the back, with a clutch. Studs or the visible part of the earring, are invariably constructed at the end of the posts. Dangle earrings rarely use the post attachment. 

      Jump rings are the rings that are used to make chains and other jewelry pieces. These rings are made by wrapping metal wire to make a coil and then cutting the coil, to make individual jump rings. These rings are versatile components that are used to attach clasps or pendants in any jewelry piece. Jump rings come in a variety of sizes and materials. Also, these rings form good connection points for multiple strands in a jewelry design. Due to the presence of different materials in the making of jump rings, they are durable and generally do not rust.

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