With lot of tiny, little things separated out from your valuable belongings that are of no use and belong only to the dustbin, you can create beautiful DIYs on your own. But let us trigger our creative stimuli and explore something best in the store. DIY is the method of modifying things, without the help of professionals; so, stop throwing away all the little beads, stones and buttons that fall off your garments and make something new out of it.  The task isn't that difficult and won't take much of your time. Things that are used to adorn your garments can also be used as a decorative element at your place. The lustre of glass pearls and glass beads add a glam quotient to the decoration of your rooms. Who doesn't like to decorate their living room?


A tiny makeover for your living room acts as an element of surprise. When it comes to decorating and transforming your home, nothing else looks elegant and saves money like doing it yourself. Interior decoration may consist of layout and furnishings of a livable interior. Ornamenting your place with something that is used to beautify is a striking feature for changing the overall look of a place. Home decor items for DIY include curtains, sofa sets, cushions, table cloth, wind chimes, wall hangings etc. There are many ways to design things as per your style. Your style definition may include making your place look spacious. However, making it look even more beautiful and creating a new style statement is what adds value to it. DIY among the fashion community is popular, with ideas that are shared on social media about jewelry, clothing and various other things. This DIY trend is becoming popular. We have made things easier for you and we have listed some easy DIYs that might help. 



Who doesn't like wall hangings? Hanging craft that is a decoration hung from ceiling or some other surface. Wall hangings can project abstract shapes made up of different materials. Wall hangings that provided a bohemian style to interiors in 60s and 70s are back in trend. These look beautiful, but are very costly. So why not create these trendy, beautiful pieces all by yourself? The seed beads, crystal beads, glass pearls and even buttons can be strung in thin wires and can be put together to form beautiful wall hangings. Clasps and other jewellery findings can be used to finish this art piece. Various embellishments can be used as connectors that add beauty to your craft. Various threads and wires can also be incorporated in between to add an edge to the wall hangings. 




Curtains made out of seed beads, or wooden beads are a new trend.  Threads or basic jewellery wires can be used to string these beads or buttons together. Incorporating tassels in between these beads gives an edge to the overall look of the curtains. Semi-precious beads, sequins and metal beads fused together with metal chains add shine to the appearance of these basic curtains. Also, if you don't want to take off your fabric curtains, but you are still looking for a transformation, curtain hangings can always be a good option in between the curtains. These curtain hangings made out of embellished beads and buttons are and will always be in trend. 




Wind chimes are a type of instrument constructed from suspended tubes, rods or any other object made up of metal or wood. These are hung on the ceiling and they tend to produce sound when they strike each other. Wind chimes never go out of fashion and DIY wind chimes are creating a new fashion statement. Several fancy buttons along with metal beads, crystal beads and glass pearls and metallic rings are used as fillers; joined together with the help of metal chains, add string to form a wind chime looks alluring and transforms the entire look of your living place. 




Tired of those old pillows and same home furnishings? We have got something new in the store for you. Crystal beads, bone beads, wooden beads or those beautiful suit buttons and velvet buttons that made your garments look elegant; can also outshine your home furnishings. These pearls and crystals can easily be stocked on your products or easily sewn on, and add value to your basic products. 


So get your products ready in hand and things you need to transform in mind. Change the look of your living space and provide yourself with a visual treat with these basic DIY ideas, because Days never go out of fashion. Beyond magazines and television, the scope of home improvement DIY continues to grow and has been extensively focused on by different users. Also, for these products shop at The Design Cart


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