5 Classic Colour Combinations

Color scheme is the choice of colors that is used to design a range of media. Colour combinations that are selected, are used to create style and appeal. Used together in different combinations, colors give an aesthetic feel to the color scheme. People are experimenting with colors to add value, not only to their dresses and jewelry, but also to home décor. Experimenting with different color combinations, will help one develop a sense of what color matches and what color clashes. Color schemes are often described as logical color combinations on the color wheel. Colors in best combinations provide a visual treat and look appealing. Color patterns give a pleasing look to the other person and are graceful. Mixing primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors can produce appealing color combinations that sometimes have a significance of their own.


Tints and shades of a color can also form a color scheme, and are known as monochromatic colors. Also, analyzing warm and cool color combinations and their complimentary tones add accent to the entire color scheme. We generally have a problem of pairing different color. What color goes well with which shade? Yes, that is a huge problem. Making appealing color combinations with a specific taste of colors, does not always work. How to play around with colors is a very specific question, and not everyone has an answer to it.One should  try not to use too many colors together and keep the look simple or else it would appear chaotic. We have minimized your pain by short listing 5 classic color combinations that go well with all categories you combine them with. Match up these beautiful colors together and you become a lovely visual treat. Happy mix-matching! 



Black and white is the most classic color combination. It is sleek and sophisticated, and adds style to your color palette. When in doubt, wear black and white. These two colors used together, provide unexpected pop and do not require any other color to stand out. Black is associated with power and evil; whereas, white depicts purity and innocence. Both these colors, balance out each other; neutralizing the after effect. On one hand, where white adds coolness, black denotes depth; and they justify the effect of each other in a way that adds class to the entire look. Black and white as a color combination does not compete in your color scheme, rather it completes your color scheme. 



There is no color scheme as vibrant as the combination of orange and blue. However, it is not a favorite color palette of many people. Orange and blue colors are directly opposite on the color wheel and are complimentary colors. This color combination is successful, when it comes to decorating your home. If you wish to decorate yourself, these colors in your color palette will go well. This color scheme is ideal for summers. Also, blue is a cool color while orange is a warm color; which is another reason for these colors to go well with each other. In general, blue and orange is a powerful color combination; thus it works really well in rooms and evoke energy.



Ancient combination of red and gold which was used in Victorian era homes, is our all time favorite. This color combination evokes rustic, Italian vibe and was a favorite of dining rooms. They are generally used for warm and elegant rooms. This color palette has a timeless sophistication and class. Also, red and gold is the ideal wedding color palette. It is a very royal color combination and adds style to the entire look. This color combination gives warm appeal and is complementing to each other. This color scheme depicts passion and desire. Though it is a very intense combination, red and golden color together add elegance and visual beauty to your look or in your home decor.



Yellow and green color together,is the most ideal combination inspired from nature. It creates a beautiful degree of contrast that is easy on the eye; but still keeps things interesting. It adds natural beauty to your look or your home décor. It is a simple color combination that is not too loud and looks intriguing. Adding yellow hue to your curtains with green sofas, or yellow dress with green bead earrings makes you look naturally alluring. Yellow compliments green and their cool- warm factor add value to the aesthetics and they work together on the color wheel and look classy.



Green and pink is earthy and rich and matches a lot of skin colors. Pink makes green pop and make it look a little more vibrant and adds glam factor to the visual appeal. Not carried by a lot of people, green and pink together is a bling and treat to the eye. This playful color combination if handled well can be very calming and a lot chic. Pink and green in your color scheme adds value and has very feminine approach towards it. This color palette is split complimentary and gives enough contrast to get noticed. Color scheme depends on the feel that you are going for and colors create moods;We should choose colors that have an interesting contrast or compliment each other.

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