Rich Carmine Red Plain Modal Silk Fabric


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Width- 44Inches / 112cm

Mainly used in High-End Boutiques, Garments Factories, and Companies to make Fancy Garments Like Frocks, Gowns Designer Dresses.

Strong woven fabric to last a long time, soft finished giving good handle & drape. This Fabric Gives you a Unique Texture and Look to Your Dresses or Garments.

Modal silk isa wood pulp based cellulosic fibre made from beech trees extract. The cellulose extracted from the beech trees is spinned manually to make it into a beautiful modal silk fabric. Modal isincredibly luxurious, lightweight and silky smooth. It breathes, absorbs water, is shrink resistant and holds dyes well so your scarf is unlikely to fade. It is soft and warm and a quality modal will not pill easily.

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