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Preciosa White Translucent 2 Cut Beads

Rs. 179
SKU AA280120055
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Size - 11/0 (2.0 mm)
Material - Glass
Type - Transparent
Quality- Imported Czech Beads made from high quality glass which gives consistent shape and size.
Preciosa 2-cut seed beads are top quality 2-cut seed beads. 2-cut preciosa seed beads have facets that run from hole to hole. Preciosa 2-cut seed beads are cut in a way that they give a beautiful sparkle to the projects. Fine textured, beautifully faceted preciosa seed beads add sparkle to the jewelry pieces they are added in. Generally round in shape, these seed beads are used to do intricate hand embroidery work. They can be used for simple stringing or these seed beads are used as spacers in different jewelry pieces. Preciosa offers a very fine quality of seed beads in a large range of colors. They are made up of glass and they add a unique glitter to the pieces they are incorporated in.