Pink Cotton Poplin Fabric


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Width- 44 Inches
Cotton fabric is made from soft, fluffy and staple fibre that is light in weight. Cotton cloth can be used with both knitted and woven fabrics, as it can be?ácombined with several fabrics. Cotton material is a finely spun, tightly twisted type of cotton, that is strong and durable. The cotton fibre is often spun into yarn or thread and it is used to make a soft and breathable textile. Hand embroidered designs give an edge to the fabric and add value to its look. Embroidery is done on natural fabrics like silk or cotton. Embroidery designs are formed depending upon the texture of fabric and stitch. Crewel is a hand embroidered fabric which is used for upholstery and drapery. Crewel embroidery fabric is also used to make cushions and pillows. Hand embroidery designs have unique stitches and colors. Buy embroidered fabric online at The Design Cart.

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