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Orange Circular Acrylic Beads (4 mm)


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Available in a pack of 100 Grams, Approx 3250 Pcs., May it be glass round beads or 100 Gm Acrylic Round Beads Orange 4 mm, both account for an attractive piece of jewellery or any craft idea evolving out of creativity.Available in 144 different colours and multi-coloured form too.
Acrylic Beads are light weight beads composed of a unique material called Acrylic. They can be customized and used for crafting and beading. These acrylic beads (pearls) are popularly used in making jewelry like necklace, anklets, and bracelets. These beads are smooth acrylic beads made with fine quality material at wholesale prices. These beads can be used in jewellery making, Fashion designing, embroidery and crafting purposes. These are solid spherical acrylic beads which have a hole in the middle for threading and wiring purposes. They are extremely light weight and can also be customized in different colours, sizes and shapes.

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