Transparent Sky Blue Round Rocailles Seed Beads

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Colour – Blue
Shape – Round Rocailles / Spherical / Moti / Poth

These high quality seed beads that are consistent in colour, size, shape and finish, which makes the beading experience more pleasant and creative. Seed beads are available at wholesale prices in numerous colours to fulfil every fashion designing and jewellery designing requirements. They are used in jewellery making and are also embroidered on high street garments - from stringing and bead embroidery, to weaving and more. Round beads are the most commonly used beads for hand embroidery, machine embroidery, beading and creating beautiful fashion designs. The sizes available in round seed beads are 15/0 (1.5 millimetres), 11/0 (2.0 millimetres), 8/0 (3.0 millimetres), 6/0 (3.5 millimetres) sizes. The standard packaging of seed beads is in packets of 450 grams each. We also offer them in packets of 100 grams each for sampling.

Size No. of Beads - 100 grams No. of Beads - 450 grams
15/0 – 1.5 mm 25,000 Beads 120,000 Beads
11/0 – 2.0 mm 6000 Beads 30,000 Beads
8/0 – 3.0 mm 2000 Beads 10,000 Beads
6/0 – 3.5 mm 1000 Beads 4,500 Beads
Standard Beads will have a small difference / inconsistency in the size and shape of each bead. These kind of beads are recommended for raw designs and regular embroidery work. Superior Beads have far more consistency in the size and shape of beads. These are recommended for high-quality fashion apparel and high-end fashion jewelry.

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