Silverline Golden Square Hole

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Colour – Gold
Shape – Square Hole

Glass seed beads come in various shapes such as a square hole. They are used in making jewellery and are also embroidered on high street garments - from stringing and bead embroidery, to weaving and more. Seed beads are excellent to have on hand for peyote stitch projects, loomed creations, simple single-strand designs, and more. The sizes available are 11/0 (2.0 millimetres), 8/0 (3.0 millimetres), 6/0 (3.5 millimetres) sizes. The standard packaging of seed beads is in packets of 450 grams each. We also offer them in packets of 100 grams each for sampling.

Size No. of Beads - 100 grams No. of Beads - 450 grams
11/0 – 2.0 mm 6000 Beads 30,000 Beads
8/0 – 3.0 mm 2000 Beads 10,000 Beads
6/0 – 3.5 mm 1000 Beads 4,500 Beads

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