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Blue Greige Design 146 Cotton Crochet Laces

Rs. 319
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Material - Cotton
Width_1 Inches
Blue Cotton Laces
This is a Griege Dyeable Cotton Crochet Lace which can be bleached. This can be White or Off White, depending upon the availability of the design.
Laces are the delicate pieces made up of cotton yarns. They add a classy touch to the fabric, they are added on. These durable cotton laces can be used in both apparels and for home decor. They form a web-like pattern that can also be used for decorating curtains and table covers. They add aesthetic value to the product they are attached with. Leftovers of cotton laces can be used for doing applique work and for other craft projects. They are easy to wash but should be preferably dry cleaned. They are generally made up of cotton threads, that form durable lace material. These cutwork laces are formed by removing threads from the lace background, and the remaining threads are filled with embroidery. Mesh like the appearance of these laces gives a classy and delicate touch to the fabric.