Crystal Dark Red Swarovski Hotfix Rhinestones

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Rs. 3,599
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SKU PIHF000223
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Colour - Dark Red
Sizes Available - 6 ss, 10 ss, 16 ss, 20 ss, 30 ss, 34 ss
Type - Flat Back Hotfix
Swarovski hotfix rhinestones are loose crystal components that are multi-faceted from one side and have a flat face on the other. The flat face of the Swarovski hotfix rhinestones has a heat sensitive glue that allows the rhinestones to stick to the surface of the product. Faceted face of the Swarovski hotfix rhinestone is machine cut and then polished to produce high-quality finish. These rhinestones are used to adorn handbags, apparel, bags, footwear, hats etc. They can be machine washed but are not recommended for dry cleaning.  Swarovski is a Czech Republic based, globally renowned company for producing high quality rhinestones and crystals. The Swarovski range of extraordinary precision-cut crystal is the global standard for all glass, crystal and rhinestone production across the world.

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