Baby Pink Bicone Crystal Beads

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Package Of
No. of Beads in 1 String
2 mm - 200 Beads
3 mm - 140 to 150 Beads
4 mm - 130 to 140 Beads
5 mm - 100 Beads
6 mm - 90 Beads

Material – Glass
Shape – Bicone / New Cut

Crystals beads are made from glass which is cut to form multiple facets and designs. Bicone crystal beads are also called new cut beads. These crystal beads are fire-polished to give extra shine and without any sharp or pointed edges. The faces of the bead reflect a large amount of light which in turn creates a magical sparkling effect. Bicone beads are impeccably faceted for maximum reflection and unforgettable sparkle. Each bead features a crystal clear hole with smooth edges to help protect the stringing material. Highest quality glass is used in production, which is pressed in a mold, then precisely faceted by machine and polished in a direct fire. The advantage of a fire polishing technique is a softer, gentler appearance to these scratch resistant beads.

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