Aqua Blue Transparent Luster Bugle / Pipe Beads

Rs. 469.00
SKU AASB103142
Package Of
Colour – Blue
Shape – Pipe Beads / Nalki / Bugle Beads 

Seed beads are mainly made of glass and are the most widely used beading material. Bugle beads are commonly known as Nalki or Pipes in India. They are used in making jewellery and are also embroidered on high street garments - from stringing and bead embroidery, to weaving and more. Pipe beads are used to create intricate embroidery designs and jewellery strands. They are made by cutting glass tubes in imported machines in long cylindrical shapes. The sizes available in pipe seed beads are 4.5 millimetres, 6.0 millimetres, 9.0 millimetres, 25 millimetres sizes. The standard packaging of seed beads is in packets of 450 grams each. We also offer them in whole prices with packets of 100 grams each for sampling. 

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