What Color to Wear this Eid?

Eid is one of the most joyous days in the Islamic calendar, which marks the end of the holy fasting month, Ramadan. Eid-ul-fitr which is to be celebrated on 14th June-15th June this year; is the first and only day in the month of Shawwal during which Muslims are not permitted to fast. For many Muslims, Eid-ul-fitr being around the corner means preparations, preparations and preparations. It is all about gathering together with family and friends, lots of food and giving away presents. Keeping the primary notion same, Eid is celebrated across the globe with several alterations.

Eid Styling Clothing

Depending on the country you live in, rituals may differ a bit. And this also counts when it comes to clothing traditions. Most people like to wear the finest of clothes on the special day but that doesn’t mean that all Muslims have a preference for a type, colour or apparel. For most fashion enthusiasts, pastel colors and bright tones are the colors for the season. Refine your color palette this Eid; and go colorful with the festival. Change your look and get recognized by adding joyous colors to your collection. Feel celebrated this festive season with beautiful color combinations and add new hues to your accent shades. Bring something different to the table by opting for hues and styles that include delight. Infusing traditional motifs with western cuts is something we are doing since years. Now, it is time to add color, and what can be a better occasion than Eid? Here’s a list of colors and styling tip that may help!


Eid Green color

Green has always been recognized as the Muslim color. This colour represents purity and is also a prominent colour in the flags of most Islamic Nations and is supposedly the happy color. Green is the basic color for this festival. Wearing green for every Muslim festival or going green on Eid is a cliché. But the color cannot be neglected; green in jewelry or in accessories with other complimentary colors can make a perfect color scheme. Beaded necklaces, tassel earrings or tassels as embellishments of this color on accessories can look superb. Too much green is boring; but a little bit of green here and there can make you Eid ready.


Color of Eid- Blue

Color of the sky, blue is associated with many religious traditions as the symbol of eternity, heaven and spiritual life. Blue is a cool color and looks perfect in all its forms. Incorporating shades of blue like aqua, cobalt and navy to your Eid attire, will add all the calmness and peace to your look and make you stand out. Blue in your color palette will make your look transform from day to night. It shines differently and gives an all together different feel to your approach towards Eid. It goes well with people of all age groups. Blue in outfits looks flawless; also blue footwear, or any other accessory compliments the look and goes well with the festive requirements.


Color of Eid- Gray

Gray is a cool, neutral and balanced color. Gray is timeless and practical and is best used to complete the look. This color in your color palette can never be all over the place; and when in doubt go for gray. It is the only color that can be used in garments or in accessories or in jewelry; all at once or complementing different colors and it looks mesmerizing. Gray can anytime be the best pick to add glam to your look.


Color of Eid- White

White color is associated with being pure ,fresh and good. Adding white in your color scheme, embraces peaceful aura and spreads positivism. White is a significance of new beginnings. It is refreshing and strengths your entire energy system. A beautiful white garment with jewelry of a complimentary color together, makes you festive ready. White is a craze among people of all age groups and it is the traditional favorite of all. Mesmerizing white clutches or white footwear adds serenity to the festive mood and is the highest color pick of all. This is the most exotic shade for summer and must have in your Eid color palette. So this festive season, why not white?


Color od Eid- Biege

Beige is the most flexible color. Its individual attribute changes, as it accompanies some other color. Beige is neutral, calm and relaxing. Once it is added to your color scheme, it balances your look and is never over the edge. Beige stonenecklaces, beige bead earrings and beige stones as embellishments, neutralizes your look, even if you are going for loud colors. This color helps in developing charm and is a confidence booster. However, Beige is to balance out and too much beige may not suit everyone.

Color plays a major role in building up personality; and when going for traditional outfits, you cannot take risks. Change your color palette and enhance your look. Go neutral this season. Neutral colors give a different look to your routine and are the new traditional favorite. All these colors by themselves or color combinations of these colors will make you festive ready. The Design Cart gives you a platform to shop by color and ease out your brain storming. Hope this was helpful, Happy shopping!!

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