The Art Of Making Palazzo : Get The Perfect Fabric From The Design Cart

Palazzo trousers are versatile, comfy, and just perfect for the summer. You can play with it as you go about creating looks that serve. And with just the right pairing, it can even pass for formal wear, given its laid-back outlook. The right fabric, however, is key to rocking these bottoms.

So now, what fabric is just about right?

Fabrics and text play a massive role in the outlook of your trousers. It could either elevate your style or bring you down. Let's walk through our fabrics and understand them first before we dive into the secret behind a flattering palazzo.

The fabric used for making a palazzo can be categorized into three - stiff fabric, flowy fabric, and soft fabric


Stiff fabrics have a firm feel to them and are mostly heavy. Raw silks, Brocade Fabric, and cotton twills fall under this category. These types of fabrics are indoor-friendly. Cotton twills keep the temperature regulated throughout and can prevent you from the cold. thicker cotton will give off a more formal look and when paired right, becomes an excellent choice for interviews or formal parties and meetups.

Raw silks are shiny and have a brocade pattern. They are heavy and not breathable and can cause you to break a sweat. Their strong and sturdy nature makes them suitable for dry cleaning only, so be sure to wear them indoors with air conditioning although, their durable nature is a plus point and surely, a good investment piece for a fashionable look.

This kind of fabric is ideal for women with a petite structure as it compliments their body type in all the right ways!


These kinds of fabric are lightweight. Fabrics like georgette and Chiffon fall under this category. Chiffon being a synthetic fabric does not absorb sweat as compared to cotton. They are typically sheer because of their gossamer and gauze-like feature. This makes the pants heavier to put on as they are lined with an inner fabric. Despite it being sheer, chiffon is woven tightly making them a strong fabric. It can be difficult to remove stains from the chiffon so be sure to take extra care when worn. Fabrics like chiffon and georgette also tend to snag easily making them unfit for formal wear.


Their lightweight nature and their ability to conceal sweat make them ideal for the summers and when lined with an inner fabric, they can pass off for winter wear too. The fabric fairly exudes a classy look and is a great option for parties and casual occasions. Palazzos tailored out of this fabric flatter plus sizes and curvy women.


Fabrics like cotton and linen come under this category. These fabrics are neither soft nor stiff. They are light and breathable making them a great option for summer casuals. Palazzos made out of cotton are best worn outdoors as they are easy to clean stains. They are also great for absorbing sweat, keeping you fresh throughout the day.
Linen is also a great alternative for making a comfortable pair of palazzos.
These fabrics complement and flatter all kinds of body types. Not only that,  they are also super comfortable. Fabrics like cotton twill, although stiff; is ideal for formal wear and occasions. So go ahead and wear them to your interviews to turn heads!


Summing up, the key to tailoring a flattering and suitable palazzo is in your hands. That comes with choosing the right fabric for your palazzo as the fabric of your trousers will determine the whole outlook- one that could make feel confident and comfortable. The occasion and environment coupled with your body type should be kept in mind to find a palazzo that flatters your body type. With that being said, go find yourself the perfect fabric for your stunning yet comfortable pair of palazzos from our online store, here at THE DESIGN CART.