Summer Fabrics

With the onset of summers and heatwaves in the country, it becomes important to have a close look at the summer fabric collection. The sticky, sweaty feeling is the worse during the summers. You should fill your wardrobe with lightweight summer fabrics. These fabrics keep you cool and comfortable.

When choosing summer fabrics, the key factors are comfort, ease, and ventilation. Cool summer wear collection is made from smooth and absorbent fibers. From airy cotton fabrics and soft linen to light rayon fabrics, The Design Cart has the most breathable and comfortable fabrics to wear during the summer season.


Cotton Fabrics

Cotton fabric is made up of natural fibers and it is a well-suited fabric for Indian summers. Cotton is a breathable textile and it has a fairly loose weave, which allows the air to circulate easily, which makes the heat more bearable. This soft and fluffy fabric is lightweight and helps the wearer to keep cool. This breathable textile absorbs moisture and works best, both with upper and bottom wear garments. Cotton fabric is most suitable for those with allergies and sensitive skin.

  1. KHADI

Khadi is a summer-friendly fabric. This fabric came into trend during the Swadeshi movement and is flourishing ever since. This fabric is easily maintained and it keeps you cool during the hot weather. Khadi fabric, even without any added embroidery, has an unusual appeal. Khadi fabric adapts to any versatile look.

  1. RAYON

Rayon is an excellent fabric that makes you feel comfortable in the summers. Due to the glossy texture of rayon, it has a similar feel to silk fabric. Rayon or Viscose fabric is light and comfortable fabric. This fabric is suitable for flowy dresses and flared pants and it is lighter than cotton fabric. More absorbent than cotton, Rayon fabric is an excellent choice for summer fabric collection.

  1. LINEN

Linen fabric has a very relaxed vibe to its feel. Linen blends with cotton fabric and makes linen fabrics more affordable and durable. Linen fabrics effortlessly complement any look, while keeping the wearer cool. Linen is a natural fiber and it is coupled with its light weave, which makes it a breathable textile.


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