Organic Fabrics

Organic fibres like cottonwool, hemp, linen and other natural fibres are grown without the use of any chemical pesticides. These organic fibres are grown according to national organic standards with minimum or no use of toxic pesticides. Organic clothing is made up of materials that meet the organic agricultural standards. Textiles that use organic label, do not necessarily use 100% organic fibres. Organic fabrics are used for both, apparels and home textiles. Organic fabrics are eco-friendly, and are made by treatment, which has a less impact on the environment.

Organic Fabrics

Organic fibres also use less water. Organic clothing is one such way where different manufacturers have started growing interest in Eco-fashion. Environment friendly clothing is accepted by people of all age groups. It is soft and the fabric does not color fast. Generally, there are no chemical retention from organic clothing. Thus, people with different chemical allergies or any other chemical sensitivity will be greatly benefited by using organic fabrics. Eco-friendly organic fabrics absorb moisture and have a characteristic smoothness. Also, organic fabrics reflect and absorb light; and are thus, suitable to be used in any weather. Chemical dyes are not used for organic clothing; and the color palette for organic fabrics is limited, generally earthy colors. Organic fabrics are easy to be taken care of, they can be washed in machine with cold water.

organic clothing

Dyeing and finishing procedure of organic fabrics is strictly monitored with no use of chemicals and harmful dyes. Production cost of organic fabrics is generally very high, as compared to other fabrics; as they do not use chemicals and use natural seeds instead of processed ones. Since they are not produced on an industrial scale, the supply for organic fabrics is limited and the demand has been surging in the past few years. Organic fabrics that were once considered as an alternative, have now become a necessity in the fashion world. By putting in conscious effort to buy organic clothing like hemp fabric or bamboo fabric; you are contributing towards a positive change. Organic clothing is made up of breathable fabric that absorbs moisture and stay dry and also prevents the wearer from getting rashes or irritated skin. Organic fabrics form durable and strong garments.


organic cotton fabric

Organic cotton fabric is made up of cotton fibers that grow on the surface of the Earth and have not been treated with chemical pesticides for at least three years. Organic cotton fabric smells fresh and has a soft hand feel, as compared to other fabrics. Also, this eco-friendly fabric does not trigger allergies. Organic cotton fibers are made up of natural cotton seeds, rather than processed ones. Natural process of organic cotton fibers, reduces soil and water pollution. Organic cotton fabrics are very absorbent. They tend to feel cool in summers and warm in winters. This makes the fabric desirable, throughout the year. Organic cotton fabrics form natural clothing without the use of any chemical fertilizers. Such natural clothing are easy to be taken care of. They can be washed in machine, with cold water with fabrics of different colors. This eco-friendly clothing made up of organic cotton fabric does not offer a huge color palette, as they avoid using chemical dyes.


hemp fabric

Hemp is often considered as the environmental fiber. This eco-friendly clothing has a superb tensile strength and hemp fabric forms strong and durable clothing. Hemp fabric forms natural clothing that does not harm the skin of the wearer or the environment. This fabric looks like the classic linen fabric and they soften after every wash. Hemp fabric is the right choice for summers. It is a breathable textile and absorbs right amount of moisture. This eco-friendly fabric also has UV resistant qualities and is the right choice for people of all age groups. Hemp fabric wrinkles easily and it is often blended with other fabrics to give a soft hand feel to the clothing. Generally, organic hemp fabric retains color, but the color fastness depends on the type of fabric it is blended with. Hemp fabric can easily be washed in cold water or can also be dry cleaned. It is used to make a variety of commercial products like ropes, clothes and other textile related products.


organic jute

Jute is one of the most affordable natural fabric. This eco-friendly fabric is also known as a golden fibre. Organic jute fabric is made up of strong and durable fibres and has many advantages as a home textile. Generally, organic jute is blended with cotton to form natural clothing that is a comfortable summer wear. Organic jute is in great demand, due to its affordability and softness. Jute fabric is the most eco-friendly fabric, as the jute fibre can be  recycled again and again before its final use. Jute fabric is regularly used in the production of clothes, usually with blends of other organic fabrics. This soft and comfortable fabric has become the fashion fabric, since last few decades. Jute is a rain fed crop, it uses little or no chemical fertilizers; and this makes jute fabric organic and it does not harm the skin of the wearer or the environment.

organic cotton

Eco-friendly fabrics do not require any pesticides or chemical fertilizers to grow. Organic clothing absorbs and releases water very quickly and is every designer’s favorite. These natural clothing fibres are breathable and add softness and drape to the clothing material. These organic natural fabrics do not use any chemical fertilizer and thus, helps the environment friendly clothing to retain in the fashion world. The Design Cart offers a huge collection of organic cotton fabrics that are accepted by the current generation as a new fashion fabric.

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