Mangalgiri cotton is a versatile fabric that is globally demanded and known for its simple patterns and designs. Mangalagiri is a combination of beautiful colors and contrast. Mangalgiri cotton is a cool, comfortable and a hand woven cotton fabric in a palette of striking motifs and designs. It offers a unique range of textiles from a single weaving cluster. This fabric is in high demand among designers, garment manufacturers and even furniture manufacturers.

mangalagiri fabric

Due to the presence of cotton yarns in the fabric, Mangalgiri is a durable cotton fabric. It is famous for its beautiful range of mangalgiri sarees. Mangalgiri sarees can also be produced in silk and are used for special occasions such as weddings and for religious festivals. Weaves of mangalgiri silk sarees is as fine as the Mangalgiri cotton. The use of zari was once limited only to the borders, but nowadays, zari work is a major attraction for various motifs on the fabrics. This modification came up with Mangalgiri fabric that made it different from the other fabrics of the same category. The use of various motifs is done with such finesse that it accentuates the overall appeal of the fabric.


Mangalgiri is one of the finest fabrics in handloom cotton in the country. It is known for its quality and extra ordinary feel. Generally , motifs on Mangalgiri cotton fabrics are geometrical and simple and they are inspired from tribal design. Mangalgiri cotton fabric is produced by weaving warp interlaces. Fabric then undergoes the dyeing process. It is woven super finely with crisp finish. Mangalgiri fabric is suitable for summer clothing.

Making of Mangalgiri Fabric

making of mangalagiri

Dyeing of the yarn is Mangalgiri fabric is an important process.  The yarn are washed and dipped in boiling water to which desired color is added. Yarns are slowly turned so that they achieve a uniform color. To avoid color fading and unevenness, these yarns are washed again and dried in shade. After this, spinning is done to convert yarn to thread. Colored threads are then weaved. Mangalgiri  fabric is then embellished with zari work forming beautiful border designs and elegant motifs. Mangalgiri fabrics are popular for its weaves. Thus the fabric is weaved very carefully to produce multiple textures on the fabric.

Color of Mangalagiri

mangalagiri cotton fabric

Mangalagiri fabric is available in a breathtaking array of colors. It is available in stripes, checks and special weaves. The fabric is affordable and does not color bleed. This makes this fabric more popular. Weavers use basic designs but they incorporate striking colors to add beauty to the fabric. If the warp threads of the fabric are yellow and the weft threads are green, red or orange, the end result always is greenish, yellow, sunset orange or deep yellow. Mangalagiri sarees usually have striking color combinations. Light tones of the fabric are often paired with dark colored borders.

Mangalgiri Sarees


Mangalagiri sarees are often produced in silk and worn on special traditional occasions. The weaver of silk is as fine as cotton fabric. Mangalagiri sarees are often found in green, mustard, red and pink color. Mangalgiri sarees posses a thick border that is usually woven in a zari, making it a preferred wedding wears. Mangalgiri sarees are adorned with traditional motifs such as paisleys and flowers. Women, who prefer cotton sarees with silk embroidered work, often opt for mangalgiri cotton sarees. Modern motifs on mangalgiri sarees are a new style statement and makes the wearer stand out from the rest on the particular occasion.

Present Day Statues


There are as lot of challenges faced by the designers and weavers in giving Mangalgiri, a modern twist.  Apart from attractive sarees, Mangalgiri dress material is also globally demanded in recent times. Highlighted ethnic designs are in a great demand for Mangalgiri fabric in the present scenario. Currently, Mangalgiri fabric is in demand for its simple minded patterns, tough and durable behavior of cotton yarns and striking color palette. Women of all age have a sudden inclination towards Mangalgiri fabrics.

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