Kundan Jewellery

Traditional form of gemstone jewelry Kundan, is believed to have found its origin from the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. There are a lot of misconceptions about what Kundan craft exactly is. On one hand, people believe that Kundan refers to precious stones that are embedded in gold; while others tend to confuse Kundan with polka or jadau. Kundan is a unique craft form which involves glass pieces embedded in gold to create masterpieces. Kundan jewelry sets are no less than a piece of art. Every second woman wants to own Kundan stone jewelry and every mother gives a Kundan jewelry set for her daughter’s wedding trousseau.

Kundan Jewellery

Kundan embedded sets define sheer elegance. Kundan, popularly known as Kundan Keshri; is the art form of setting precious and uncut stones and gems with gold foil in between them. Highly redefined gold is used to form Kundan stone jewellery. Kundan jewellery stones come with many variations. The most traditional form of Kundan is Meena Kundan. In Meena Kundan jewellery sets, the stones are encrusted on one side, and Meenakari work is done on the reverse side. Meenakari work adds beauty to the jewellery design.

Traditional Kundan jewellery comes as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Kundan stones are also used to adorn finger rings and hair accessories. Kundan stones form statement jewellery pieces. It can be termed as light jewellery; even a small jewellery piece looks elaborate if Kundan stones are embedded in it. Kundan jewellery uses glass, instead of uncut diamonds. These glass pieces are set in gold.

Kundan Jewellery Designs

The price of Kundan depends on the type of stone that is embedded in it. Kundan jewellery with glass stones will be cheaper and affordable than Kundan jewellery that employs emerald, rubies or sapphires. Kundan stones can also be used as an embellishment for embroideries on fabrics. Kundan embroidery makes the fabric look rich and elegant. Kundan embroidery is a combination of Zardozi and Kundan work that enhance the beauty of the garment. Kundan stones create a regal air around the wearer. Sarees in Kundan work adds an edge to your traditional wardrobe and can be worn on many formal occasions.


Making of kundan jewellery

Kundan work is a long and time consuming process. It involves multiple stages and craftsmen and artisans with excellent skills. Kundan jewellery does not have a very high gold content and it is all about stones. It involves shaping the jewellery by craftsmen and then, making holes for the stones where these jewellery pieces are embedded. Gold sheets are beaten and made into cup like shapes to store these Kundan stones. These cup shapes are filled with laakh or lac, to set the gemstones into these cup shapes. Kundan stones are inserted by using hot coal to stick these gemstones. Some designs of Kundan jewellery have elaborate patterns on the back side of the frame as well. These designs are made using enamel with a variety of colours; and this process is known as Meenakari. Frame and gold foil holding the stone is then welded together. After this, Kundan jewellery is washed to remove stains and adorned with beautiful garments.

There are a lot of artistic people, who are employed for making elegant Kundan jewellery pieces. There are different groups of people employed for providing a basic design and also, for the engraving process. In case, these Kundan jewellery pieces have Meenakari work; there are different people who are employed for this work.


Kundan jewellery designs are intricate mind blowing art pieces. Meenakari work is generally done on back side of Kundan jewellery. Traditional Mughal colors like red, green and white; rule the Kundan jewellery designs. Udaipur, Bikaner and Nathdwara are famous for silver color in traditional Kundan jewellery. Later, rich ruby red color also gathered acceptance among people. Meenakar, or the person who does Meenakari; works with a team of craftsmen. Lavish Kundan jewellery designs work best in all occasions and can be carried by women of all generations. A simple neckpiece with a Kundan stone pendant, Kundan earrings, Kundan bracelets and even Kundan stone toe rings look alluring and adds an edge to the overall look of the wearer.


Present Day Kundan

More than Kundan work embroidery, Kundan jewellery is a distinguished art form and once in a lifetime beauty, that is a necessity for your wardrobe. More often than not, Indian brides are decorated with Kundan jewellery. Recently, Kundan has become the most glamorous art form and is in demand among people across the globe. Class, chivalry and luxury are the synonyms of Kundan jewellery. Choker Kundan necklace is worn by many people that transform their look completely. Kundan jewellery pieces have started using silver instead of gold that has made it affordable and widely accepted across the globe. Be it bridal lehengas or any other traditional garment; Kundan work embroidery and Kundan jewellery find its distinctive space in such formal occasions.


Kundan Designs

  1. MEENAKARI: This style of Kundan jewellery includes colored metal surfaces that add beauty to the piece. Meenakari is generally done on the back side of the Kundan jewellery. Colors chosen for this art depends upon the required heat resistance.
  2. POLKI: Main attraction of polka set, is that they have uncut diamonds. Precious and semi-precious stones could be alternative in these jewellery sets.
  3. JADAU: They have stones embedded on one face of the Kundan jewellery set. Opposite side of the jewellery has Meenakari work adorning it. There are different designs in jadau that look enchanting.

Magnificence and sheer beauty of Kundan jewellery captivate the eye, the moment someone sees it. Kundan jewellery has a timeless attraction in its presence and elaborate designs. Both silver and gold Kundan jewellery pieces look very appealing and are always in trend. The Design Cart offers you a unique range of Kundan stones to adorn your apparels and jewellery pieces.

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    Kundan stones are not always made up of 24 carat gold.

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