Fashion is unique in its existence. The ongoing style of dresses that can be customized comes under fashion. In other words, fashion is a general term for a popular style in every aspect. Fashion is very versatile, it keeps evolving with time. Things that are in fashion now will go out of fashion by the season end or by the next year. A person is said to be fashionable if they are following the recent fashion trend. The prevailing fashion trends are influenced by various factors including cinema, celebrities, climate, politics, economy and many more. Climate, however plays an important role to keep you updated and in trend.Fashion Styling

Style, on the other hand is unique to everyone. Style trends vary from person to person. It is their own opinion on the choice of clothes and accessories. Style trends are modified and customized on an individual level to suit up the personality and body type of different people. Where fashion is evolving; style is timeless, more permanent and does not need to change. Style is all about utilizing the best aspects of personal self. It is all about privileging one’s uniqueness and having outside credentials match up with the inside. Matching the overall look that goes well with your personality is style, while being updated about online fashion and current trends is fashion.Floral Overcoat

Toledo said that style is an effective way to carve out your individuality and fashion is easy to apply as it is all on the surface, there is no depth in it. It is adapting to the fashion trends as it comes, without further thinking. Style is content; it involves a lot of judgment before any application. Fashion somewhere is all about clothes, while style is the overall appearance. You cannot wear any jewelry that doesn’t match up with your face type and wear any garment that doesn’t suit your body type, which is the ideal style quotient.Capsule collection

With Instagram accounts and personal blogs, style has evolved rapidly in the last few decades. Style is unique to personal self and is recognized as something special. Fashion is technical, while style is all about overall impression. A stylish person may not necessarily be fashionable. A person in style shows a great ability of balancing individuality, body strengths and weaknesses and also a strong sense of self. Style is considered as an extension of fashion, which means adapting fashion but presenting it is an all together different vibe. Everyone has a personal style; it just needs to be recognized.

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