Fashion Myths To Unfollow For AW18

Trends refer to what is popular at a certain period of time, while fashion is a popular style. Fashion is a distinctive and often, a common trend in which people represent themselves. After the beautiful spring summer, the new fashion season has finally arrived. Every season promises to fill up our lives with new colors that define your style for every running season. There are several updates on how to go about Autumn Winter 18. Layering is still in vogue as a fashion trend from the previous fall fashion season and is predicted to rock this season as well. Animal prints is an upcoming trend.

Fashion Myths

Python, zebra, cheetah and several other animal prints were running wild across various catwalk shows this season. Many celebrities were encountered wearing dresses by mixing these prints with one another, forming different patterns and they looked very pretty on the ramp. Leopard print left an everlasting impression as it was the first runway trend. Since leopard print was everywhere, people skipped to snake prints as well. Also, neon is back. New hues of color to make a different palette that stands out among neutral colors. Look for correct hues as per your skin tone, and flaunt colors from tan to sludge. Jumbo sequins are all that you need, to add life to a party wear dress. AW2018 is the season wherein we took the fashion rule book and threw it off a cliff, leaving behind the basic fashion rules. There are a lot of trends and styles yet none of them are telling what to avoid. Here we are to help you. These are all the fashion rules you need to unfollow this season.


wear Yellow

Please wear yellow in the autumn-winter season as well. Yellow is a difficult color to pair things with. It is always related with summers and warm climate. But this isn’t always true. Yellow does not have a single shade. There are various tints and shades of yellow, like ochre, mustard, lemon etc. There is always a shade of a color that would suit you. This makes yellow the hottest color of AW18. Be bold, and carry yellow from head to toe, in style. Add chic accessories, pop heels and make your favorite yellow shine. So the people who say that yellow is not a fall season color, try this out this season. Yellow will make you look trendy, stylish and classier.


White Shoes

Nude shoes have had their day, and are replaced by their much brighter sibling. White color is the new nude. You can and you should wear white shoes with everything. The hottest shoe shape for AW18 is western style ankle boot. They would look good with a kiss flare jean. Actually, white colored ankle boots; go well with all outfits. Just make them look fresh and clean and you are ready for a fashionable AW2018.


Prints and Patterns

We have always combined prints with patterns. But AW18 brings ultra clashing of various prints with several patterns. Style, in fine words; mean to carry yourself in whatever you are comfortable in. Floral work well with checks and have always complimented each other. Then softness of blooms and the linear nature of checks, polka dots and animal print, and stripes and spots look beautiful together. The key tip is to find a mutual color that would hold them together gracefully. Be a mix master and carry a new trend and look classy.



Don’t save sequins only for occasions. Dig out sequins from your wardrobe and wear it in style. AW18 catwalks were all about sparkles. From muted, subtle sequins, to all-out glitter and large crystals. If you like, sequins can be worn all day long. Invest in good sequenced fabrics and add glam to your autumn days.

Be Bold and don’t stick to the old fashion myths. Be creative and carry yourself in style. 

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