Evolving Fashion with Trends

The canvas of fashion history goes through many changes every now and then. The Fashion industry, which designs clothing and accessories keeps on evolving. Fashion is influenced by various factors that could be social, economical, political etc. In the early 1950s, women were treated as objects. Their job was to look pretty and feminine. Women wore tight corsets, layered themselves with heavy fabrics, added farthingales to their costumes, wore huge headgears and just looked pretty. However, men’s fashion did not go through various changes as they were mostly at war. Post the global war period, the pace of change in the fashion industry accelerated, especially in dressing and adorning hair, and became equally complex. Initially fashion change was brought about by trend setters and fashion influencers, which was later adopted by the mainstream and was further, carried forward by people to whom fashion was earlier inaccessible. As fashion reached the average person, it went through certain alterations and the cycle continued again. Though different textile colors and patterns went through rapid changes, the silhouette of the garment changed slowly.

Fashion forecasters use the latest fashion trends to determine the growth and decline of any particular trend. Latest fashion trends cannot stay unchanged. The main idea behind looking fashionable is, to be classy.  Fashion is no more about burdening yourself with fabrics and adornments that you cannot carry. Being comfortable is the new trend. The late 90s saw a drastic advancement in the sense people deal with fashion. Fashion adapted by people unfolded and sometimes fashion trends went beyond aesthetic values, it became a tool to convey certain messages and strong statements.

early fashion trend

New fashion breathes on media. It plays a significant role to make fashion accessible to common people . Fashion bloggers have become the new trendsetters. It all started with several fashion magazines, which included photographs and content that influenced people and brought about a change in the way people interpret fashion. New fashion is now easily accessible to the mainstream. With the advancement of technology, upcoming fashion designers and fashion bloggers have started using social media as the medium to showcase their fashion style for people to take inspiration from. Specific fashion brands get featured in films, not only for the sake of their product, but also as a whole, that subsequently leads to the latest fashion trends. New fashion has given a whole new definition to fashion and style. Building awareness is the key to building fashion trends and fashion industry has succeeded in building good relations with the audience.

Latest fashion trends may or may not be a FAD that is; they may or may not last for long time. Consumers have different fashion demands which keep on changing. To suit all such requirements, fashion trends exist. The change from anti-fashion to fashion, because of the western-consumer driven consumerism results in the alteration of fashion trends which is an ever evolving process.

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