DIY Decoupage

“Decoupage” sounds interesting, isn’t it? More than the word itself, its literal meaning is also very fascinating. Decoupage is an art of decorating an object by applying fabric or paper onto it, in combination with special decorative elements. This art form involves pasting cut-outs to an object and then covering it with several coats of varnish. Decoupage ideas might have never stuck your mind, but they are alluring and they add aesthetic value to the appearance of daily objects. Traditional decoupage technique used 30 to 40 layers of varnish, which were then rubbed over with sand paper to give it a more finished look. This technique can be used to personalize almost every item in your home; and any complex or simple design can be made through this decoupage art.


You can buy lots of creative stuff like fabric bits or colorful papers to adorn your products; but the added bonus with this art form is that the left overs at your home are perfect, for you to successfully be a pro in DIY decoupage. Several items like boxes, plates, furniture, lamps, frames, mirrors, vases etc. can be replenished with this decoupage art. To our surprise, there are different types of decoupage arts; 3D Decoupage is a variation of the art form where fabric or paper is cut into pieces of different size and are layered on top of each other. Also, there is pyramid decoupage where identical images are cut into progressively smaller sizes and placed one over the other. Decoupage glue or adhesives that are used to create this effect, gives fine texture to its overall appearance.



Let’s make things easier; no, you do not need something out of the box for DIY decoupage art. It is easy and does not require you to roam around to get good stuff for decorating your belongings. Wrapping papers, soft fabric and origami papers can be used to adorn those simple things that you once thought are far from being decorated. If you are new to decoupage, and want to create something magnificent; Decoupage papers that are specifically selected for this craft are widely available in all designs in the market. Decoupage on wood and wooden materials is a recent craze among people. Boring furniture pieces with brown appearance can also look attractive with beautiful fabrics or papers. Pocket tip -  while using any material for DIY decoupage, choose a picture that has a clear outline as this makes them easy to cut, than those with blurred edges. Magazine pictures can also be used; but if it’s your favorite picture and you do not want to spoil it, you can always scan the picture and use it.



Decorating furniture with fabrics and paper is a good idea, but our favorite fevicol is not always helpful. PVA; which is an all rounder glue, dries clear and sticks paper or fabric on materials like wood. Gloss varnish is the best alternative if you do not have any glue; it doesn’t go cloudy no matter how many coats are applied of it. Decoupage glue, if available is the only thing you require. It is available in craft shops and is perfect as it solves dual purpose of glue and varnish. Spray glue can also be used for decoupage as it is quick and dries clear. For matt finish, you can use gloss varnish as Decoupage glue for every coat, and then matt varnish can be used as the final coat over it.



  1. SCISSORS: A large part of decoupage includes cutting; having a sharp pair of scissors to cleanly cut the edges of fabric or paper used, is a must.
  2. CRAFT KNIFE: There are certain pictures that have intricate areas. To cut out those details, craft knives with sharp blades are used, as the blunt ones can tear the fabric or paper.
  3. SOFT SPONGE: once you start making the craft, excessive glue used for decoupage can be wiped off, with a soft sponge.
  4. SANDPAPER: while applying varnish to the final decoupage product, there are layers collected on top of it that requires sanding and scrubbing for a proper finish.

In addition to this, you can have cotton buds to dab away excessive glue that might pop up in small amounts. These materials are available at your nearest craft shop or buy them from online stores.



After gluing one layer of fabric or paper on the product, for proper shine and durability, varnish needs to be sprayed. Four to fifteen coats are needed depending on how thick the fabric or decoupage paper used is; and how smooth a finish is required. For fine finish, the layer needs to be sanded after a few layers of varnish and to wipe away all the dust. Until you are happy with the finish, keep repeating these steps.

Decoupage art requires proper finishing to achieve good results. If you are bored of how the furniture at your place looks, try decoupaging it. Best part about the art of Decoupage is that you probably have many supplies lying around you; and you don't have to look for different things. Get beautiful fabrics for this art at The Design Cart, at wholesale prices. Do not forget to smooth out the wrinkles for best results. Good Luck!


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