Cutdana Work

Cutdana work is the stone and bead work where stones and Beads are cut at specific angles, to facilitate reflection of light. Seed beads are uniformly shaped set of beads that are used for loom and off-loom bead weaving. Cutdana beads can also be used as spacer beads in between jewelry pieces. Also known as Charlotte cut beads or 2-cut beads, these are barrel faceted. Generally, Cutdana beads or 2-cut beads are longer than they are thick, creating a tubular shape.
2-cut beads
These beads can be sewn into the fabric or can also be used in beaded jewelry. Cutdana beads are stringed with thin wire, and it is then sewn onto the fabric to create various different patterns and designs. These are fine beads that have tiny details that cause them to sparkle and thus, give the Cutdana bead work an ultimate beauty. 2-cut seed beads are shaved and cut to give them an appealing structure. They can be made up of various colors and can be glazed with luster and coatings. Varied types of embroideries are incorporated on the clothes, to make them look exquisite.
Cutdana Work
Cutdana bead work is one such embroidery that has gained popularity among different masses of people. Cutdana embroidery work garments are generally worn on formal occasions because of its intricate detailing and rich and heavy work. Cutdana work can be done on delicate fabrics like silk, without harming look of the fabric. Cutdana work is done on accessories and other statement pieces.
Making of Cutdana
Initially, Cutdana work was done by sewing each bead one by one onto the fabric. However, it was a very time consuming work. But now, Cutdana work can be done with the help of technology. Specialized machines for creating desired designs and patterns are presently used to do Cutdana work. Cutdana beads are made by making cuts on the surface of the beads, to give them a faceted look. These faceted 2-cut beads reflect light in such a manner that they tend to sparkle and this gives an elegant look to the wearer. Machines that are used for Cutdana work have a piston that springs in and out of the fabric thus, sewing stones onto it. Supervision is required to attain desired pattern on the product.
variety of cutdana
Cutdana work is mainly designed with two patterns. First is inspired from nature and the patterns used in the embroidery, fall under the same category. This includes flora and fauna of all types. Second is derived from geometrical or abstract patterns. Geometrical 2-cut bead work patterns are generally favored as they exist in contemporary fashion as well. Wedding wear with Cutdana embroidery is considered to be highly chic and formal. It has become a norm for a bride to wear heavy statement garments and accessories that are a show stealer and a highlight for the event. 2-cut work satisfies this demand and makes the wearer outstand the occasion.
Cutdana Work
Cutdana work is used on large scale by designers in their couture pieces. Almost every other garment has Cutdana work as embroidery, all over the garment or on certain area that are to be highlighted. Gowns and dresses with cutwork have gradually become a common sight in all the fashion shows. Cutdana work embroidered garments are generally paired with Kundan jewelry to make it look alluring. Footwear with Cutdana work and Cutdana work embroidered handbags, also go well with formal garments. Since Cutdana work involves small 2-cut beads sewn onto the garment, hand washing of the garment is to be avoided. It is advised to be dry cleaned, to maintain the embroidery.
2-cut work embroidery
Cutdana or 2-cut bead work is not just related to bridal wear; it is incorporated in the contemporary fashion and is expanding into the accessory industry as well. Fusion wears with Cutdana work are a masterpiece. The Design Cart has a collection of fine cut seed beads, which can be used to create colorful and intricate designs.
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