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Welcome to the best online fabric store - Let us predict the best fabrics for your zodiac signs!
Did you know that your zodiac sign says a lot about your personality traits, especially when you look at your overall horoscope? For example, Leos are generous and gregarious, while Pisces' empathic talents make them great friends. But did you know that the Chinese zodiac sign can also be used for design purposes? Your tastes and characteristics go hand in hand, making Star the perfect advisor when choosing textiles.
Read on to find out which fabric suits you best from the best online fabric store, depending on your zodiac sign.


Date: Mar 21. – Apr.19
Fire Sign
Eager, Passionate, optimistic
impatience, short temper, aggressive
Along with being creative and very imaginative, you are very kind and sympathetic, Aries. You love being sorted when it comes to planning and that's why we got you covered, Aries! The best online fabric store. 
A bright Red Satin is accurate for your intense passion and enthusiasm, Aries. The softness of Satin depicts your affectionate nature. 


Date: Apr.20-May.20

Earth Sign

Dependable, Patient,

Materialistic, greedy, possessive

Fixed signs are excellent at maintaining systems and you prioritize consistency and reliability in all areas of your lives. It must be noted, however, that Taurus has a good reputation: And we're ready to maintain it for you!


An Earthy colored velvet is perfect for your calming effect, Taurus.

For you, it's the more lavish, the better.

Get this soothing fabric only at The Design Cart! 



May 21-June. 20

Air Sign

Curious, outgoing, adaptable

Inconsistent, Unsure, Impulsive, unreliable

Geminis are well suited to an eclectic style. Given your love for duality, you like to mix the old and new, East and West, and the luxurious with down-to-earth elements. It's a fascinating mix of styles; no one does it better than them.


With an inclination towards details, an embroidered tussar silk fabric is the experimentation you often desire. You push us forward to do better, Gemini. 


 11,066 Cancer Astrology Sign Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock


June 21-July 22

Water Sign

Compassionate, sentimental, tenacious

moody, insecure, pessimistic

Cancer is a Water sign, and so, pertains to life's emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions. Your empathy for others is likely to be strong, and you will have an intuitive ability to sense what others need.


You are compassionate and caring, Cancer. And a brightly floral printed chiffon fabric only can do justice to your innocent nature. 


Leo Zodiac Sign Images – Browse 31,176 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video |  Adobe Stock



July 23- Aug22
Fire Sign
Humorous, Generous, cheerful
Arrogant, self-centered, lazy
Leo, you are radiantly joyful, and liberal with their appeal and endowments. They are fiercely proud and confident. You love and live life to the fullest rather than being in charge at home, work, and play. 
As a Leo, you demand attention when you enter a room. Sequins can do just that. This blue sequin fabric offers you the attention you want while being cheerful.
15,399 Virgo Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock



Earth Sign

Analytical, hardworking, practical

overcritical, shy, judgmental

You are logical, practical, and systematic in your approach to life, Virgo. This earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and isn't afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice.

Set aside, the perfectionist is in the room. And what's more perfect than a visually soothing georgette fabric for your femininity? A perfect choice for September! 

 22,885 Libra Zodiac Sign Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock




Air Sign

Cooperative, social, fair-minded

indecisive, superficial, vain

Librans are extroverted, cozy, and friendly people. You are natural peacemakers and experts at being tactful and diplomatic in your relationships, Libra.


We know how much you love drama, Libra! You care about you public appearances so much that only an abstract printed fabric can pull off those expectations. 


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Water Sign

Brave, passionate, resourceful.

Jealous, vengeful, secretive

Scorpios can be seen as one of the most “dark” signs. However, that’s hardly the case. You are usually just very passionate people.


Glossy suede would be the ideal fabric for you. It's dark, yet sexy. Brave, yet secretive. 


17,892 Sagittarius Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock



Fire Sign

Idealistic, adventurous, honest

Impractical, tactless, Inconsistent

As a Sagittarius you are adventurous and spontaneous. You do everything with a purpose and can sometimes come off as rude or brass. It's just because you speak and live your passion.



This canvas fabric will allow you to make bags and accessories you take on your adventures with you. A lightweight canvas would even allow you to make wearable fashion pieces that can keep up with your adventures.


11,324 Capricorn Sign Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock



Earth Sign

blunt, ambitious, responsible

know-it all, and condescending. workaholic

As a Capricorn, you can be seen as a “father” like figure. You are responsible and ambitious. You are also very reliable and need a fabric that is just as loyal as you. A fabric that has been around for a while. 



Denim is the perfect fabric for you. Design garments that stand the test of time like you with denim fabric. 


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Air Sign

progressive, independent, and humanitarian

aloof, cold, unpredictable

As an Aquarius, some people see you as weird but you just tend to think differently from everyone. You are a true individual on your own page, and some people can’t handle that. You are also known to constantly think ahead and look towards the future.



 Camouflaged cotton is just the fabric for you. It fits you perfectly. And is often underestimated.


17,389 Pisces Zodiac Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock



Water Sign

artistic, empathetic , gentle

fearful, naive, impressionable

Since Pisces is the last sign, you are known to carry the emotions of everyone. You can be very empathetic, almost too empathetic at times. This can sometime make you variable for bad impressions. 


The best fabric for you would be Linen. Linen can be overlooked a lot of times. However, it is a fabric you can do a lot with, while still offering you the chance to breathe and be who you are. Linen is the perfect fabric for someone as artistic and empathetic as you.


Hopefully, this was an entertaining read for you. Visit our website to check out all these fabrics and much more. Stay tuned for a very important blog next week!

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