Italian Chip Beads


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      Venice was famous in the ancient times for production of a variety of beads crafted in glass with unique designs. They were handmade at the time by a bevy of skilled artisans. The Design Cart presents these ancient Murano glass beads with a modern look with this exquisite collection of Italian Chip Beads. These designer beads, specially imported from Italy are fused using exclusive technology to create some intricate and beautiful designs. The beads and chips together undergo heat processing to reach this quality, where the chips meld together and any seams between the chips disappear to create smooth surfaces and each piece in this collection is unique.

      These gorgeous Glass beads with multicolored chips will accentuate your product by leaps and bounds. Create beautiful jewellery designs and use these colorful beads in bracelets, anklets, necklaces, shoes and bags.