Monsoon Colors

Monsoon season is here! As the sky opens and there is a heavy downpour, people lose interest in dressing themselves up. But Monsoon is the accurate season to organize a cheerful wardrobe and dress up in fashionable ‘Blue’. The right choice of fabrics and accessories to match up the monsoon season is very necessary to look trendy. Shades of blue, when combined with neutral colors will make you step in style, this monsoon season. Bright shades of blue are must haves for the monsoon season in garments as well as in accessories. Your jewelry must match up with your garment selection.

Blue - color of Monsoon

Choosing the right set of clothing and accessories is a task; but more importantly, it’s the colors that will make a fashionable difference to your monsoon personality. While selecting the right color, it is important to know what are the trendy colors are for this season, so that it does not disturb your fashion quotient. Blue is the right color to sport this season and looks good on everyone. So, why not revive the blue color trend with the garments we carry ourselves in and the jewelry we pair it up with. To make up for the loss of color, include blue in what you carry yourself in. Blue is an apt color, regardless of the occasion. Blue is a happy color for every season. Style and comfort are in trend this monsoon. All shades of blue, when combined with neutral color palette, not only make a soothing combination; but always remain in fashion. Designer’s pick for this monsoon season are hues of blue, with a basic color scheme to minimize the dark image.


Blue Mood

Blue is a calming color that soothes the soul and gives inner peace. Blue color looks good in all its tints and shades. Fill up your wardrobe with all the hues of blue and bring some calmness, relaxation and order to your psyche. Shades of blue, is the color of your soul that lets you meditate and enhance devotion. Shades of blue evoke self-exploration among oneself and also goes well with your home décor, garments and accessories. Blue has always been in our good books and we can wear blue every second day. The color blue keeps you organised and in a good structure. Bright shades of blue are a big trend this season. Blue is a cool color and when combined with neutral shades, it makes a perfect color scheme for both men and women. We all have blue in our wardrobe, but what shade of blue to pair up with which color, matters. Every color from shades of grey to shades of blue is the best choice for all you fashion forward folks for this season. Balance the dark shades of blues with muted colors to create an eye catchy look.


Monsoon Fabric Collection

Monsoon is no longer synonymous with drably clothing in somber colors. Shades of blue are a perfect wardrobe selection for this monsoon season to chase away the gloom. Blended fabrics of polycotton or nylon will be an ideal choice. The right choice of fabrics is very important as some fabrics might lose their luster and look, on getting wet. Avoid wearing crepe and chiffon for the rainy season as they would cling to your body, making the lovely weather, awkward. Monsoon dress fabrics should be light hues of blue, but should not turn transparent, when wet. Polycotton fabric dries quickly and lets you enjoy the rainy season. Silk, denim, satin and other heavy fabrics ought to be evaded, as they are sticky. Also, aquatic shades of blue that were summer friendly once, monsoon has claimed them now.


Monsoon Accessories

Place your beautiful metal chunky and leather jewelry on the back shelves of your jewelry closet. Metallic fashion jewelry easily oxidizes in damp climate. Wood and polymer adornments are a must pick for this season; to stay safe yet stylish. You can also opt for single gem or stone jewelry pieces for stylish outings. You can also create affordable jewelry pieces by learning the art of DIY jewelry making. Pair up your dark blue apparels with muted blue accessories and vice versa. Acrylic beads and polymer beads, in desired tones of blue are your requirement for this monsoon season, to stay classy. Beautiful beaded bracelets, beaded earrings and anklets never fall out of fashion.


home decore in blue

If you are thinking to only decorate yourself in blue this season, hit your creative stimuli and go for a home décor idea in blue. Change your cushion covers in bright blue and grey hues and make your home welcome this beautiful monsoon season, with open arms. Statement home décor pieces like stone curtains, candle holders, vases and lanterns can be decorated with blue and grey stones and beads to add some cheer to the gloomy monsoon days. Monsoon brings in high level of humidity; to counter that, change the color code of your home in cool blue tones that adds airy and soothing feel. Everyone doesn’t pick up blue pieces for home décor; and to look trendy this monsoon season, you don’t have to invest in costly decorative show pieces; all you can do is DIY Decoupage. In our previous blog, we have explained how you can decorate your home décor pieces with fabrics and paper. So pick up beautiful fabric pieces and decorative papers and change the look of your living place.

Blue Color

We are glad that this monsoon season is breaking up the stereotype of using hues of browns and blacks that have dominated the monsoon season in the past. This season, drop the previous trend and go for shades of blues and greys. The Design Cart treats you with special monsoon discount.

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Happy Shopping! Happy Monsoon!!

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