Top 10 Fashion Designers to follow on Social Media

Indian designers are displaying much more freshness in their ideas than before. Considering the current talent pool, the competition between the designers is at an all time high; and ranking these fashion designers is not an easy task. Until recently, we only had a handful of these designers in our list and we knew each of them by name. However, things have changed now as there are incredibly talented designers all around the globe.

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The evolving runway scenes have opened the doors of recognition for all sorts of designers. This advancement has made designer wear easily accessible and affordable to many, than it was a few years ago. With the advancement of retail stores in every city and with some remarkable brands showcasing their designs on their official portals; owning a piece of gorgeous designer wear has become easier than ever.

The fascinating fact however is that, each of these designers have a unique style to offer and each one is better than the other. Be it earthy, traditional, Khadi or contemporary; options available are abundant. Every designer has a design philosophy which makes them better than others to survive in this highly competitive world. From fashion gurus to the new age designers, here’s a list of fashion designers you must follow. Happy reading!!


Sabyasachii Mukherjee

We follow Sabyasachi on every social media platform. He has recently become a favorite of to-be brides, for his excellent bridal wear collection. He once said that, sexiness is a confidence issue and not a size issue; and proved it right. His design philosophy has always been personalized imperfection of the human hand. He uses unusual fabrics, texturing and detailing, fusion of styles, and patch work with embellishments in vibrant colors. He uses Indian textiles in modern context. He gave us international styling with an Indian soul and we admire him for that.

  1. MANISH MALHOTRAmanish malhotra designers

Bollywood-wala fashion designer”, as we all might have called him, is known for dressing up stars both in their reel and real life. In his interview, he once said, “what works for Indian crafts is a mix of craftsmanship, culture and a touch of modernity”; and his collection does justice to this statement. He redefined Indian textiles, empowering regional craftsmen, styling international celebrities and harmonizing traditional silhouettes seamlessly with contemporary luxury. We need to thank him for introducing extravagance to the Indian Fashion Industry.


  1. ANITA DONGREanita dongre designer

Anita Dongre has always worked with the philosophy to wear ability, comfort and inclusiveness. Her designs showcase Indian aesthetics in a contemporary language. She was the first Indian designer who created standard sizes for Indian women. Her dresses are not consuming, over the top or loud. She taught us that one should wear brands and not the other way around.


  1. BIBHU MOHAPATRAbibhu fashion designer

“As a creative person you want to start with a blank canvas”; and that has always reflected in his designs. A man who made niche for himself from a clothesline meant for evening wear and night gowns is now into designing fine jewelry as well. He gave an all new definition to style and made us admire him even more.


  1. NEETA LULLAneeta lulla designer

Another Bollywood favorite; Neeta Lulla is associated with movies like Devdas, Jodha Akbar and others where emphasis was on costumes. She is all about pret-a-porter where she creates the perfect silhouettes for period dramas. Her label gives us an ideal balance of contemporary and ethnic wear.


  1. SANJAY GARGsanjay deesigner

Sanjay Garg was the revival that fashion industry has been looking for. His idea of style was raw and unfinished; and he proudly introduced us with the brand ‘Raw Mango’, which caught wildfire and now, five sarees from his collection have found a permanent place in the collection of Victoria and Albert Museums.


  1. RITU KUMARrita designer

Ritu Kumar introduced us to boutiques in India. Her designs focuses on natural fabrics and traditional printing and weaving techniques. Her label is a combination of tradition and contemporary.


  1. SANDEEP KHOSLA AND ABU JANIsandeep fashion designer

This dashing duo got together and are doing great together with clients ranging from the Bachchans to Beyonce. They are known for Chickankari and Zardozi; and also, for executing it successfully on the ramp. Their collections are also about blending tradition and heritage with a modern aesthetic.


  1. GAURANG SHAHgaraung fashion designer

Gaurang Shah is a self-taught artist, who brought Khadi back to where it belongs, which was otherwise withering by the day. Working equally well with organza, silk and Kanjeevaram or any other fabric is his USP.


  1. PAYAL SINGHALPayal singhal designer

Her collection is a refreshing take on Indian wear with new age design. Her runway collections are ravishing yet pret-a-porter. Affordable, edgy and stylish are constant while the colors depend on her mood and state of mind.


Go and follow these top fashion designers and get inspired. Thank us later.

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