White Plain Dyeable Moss Crepe Fabric

White Plain Dyeable Moss Crepe Fabric


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Width- 44 Inches / 112 cm

Moss Crepe is a premium quality fabric. It has a crisp and crimped appearance. This material drapes well and is one of the most comfortable to wear, it also keeps you warm in winter and cools in summer. It is used for making office wear, dresses, skirts & women's suits and lightweight jackets.

Polyester crepe fabric has a crisp and crinkled texture. This fabric has tightly woven threads of both, polyester and crepe fabric. Polyester crepe fabric has outstanding durability and wrinkle resistance. Printed polyester crepe fabric can be used to create clothing, furnishings, etc. Polyester crepe fabric is considered to be thin, but not necessarily sheer. Due to its beautiful drape and popularity, polyester crepe fabric is often used for making formal wear, skirts, blouses, and suits. It dries easily and therefore, it is easy to take care of such fabrics.

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