Things to remember while buying fabric online

Online purchasing has become extremely common these days. From Food to fabrics everything is available at the tips of our fingers. With the convenience of shopping at one click, it has become easier than ever to buy high-quality and astonishing fabrics. Best thing about online shopping is the wide variety of choices available, however it can be difficult to opt for the most suitable product out there!  Especially when you are examining it through the screens. The feeling of not being able to sense and touch of the material makes the buying decision more difficult. It isn't just about getting the most attractive and alluringly printed article. In the event that you need your piece of clothing to have an incredible quality and stand-apart, it’s various elements are to be analysed prior to settling on that ultimate purchase decision:

  • Fabric's content

The fabric’s content will tell you what the material is made of along with what could be the best usage purpose of the fabric. Which look and drape it will give, which season it suits the most; like cotton, polyester, wool, nylon, etc. If you are unfamiliar with the content posted, you can visit your neighbourhood fabric store to understand what that precise type of material seems and feels like.

  • Weight
Weight is an exceptional determinator of the solace of almost anything as it accomplishes for texture. More substantial fabric is thicker and useful for drapes, upholstery, and other home decor outlines, while lighter materials are more delicate and can be used for quilting and apparel.
The width of the material tells you how extended the fabric is. This is essential to make sure you will have plenty of fabrics to achieve your design.
  • Return Policy

Always examine the website’s return policy. Some stores will empower you to render the material that you purchase if you're not satisfied or there's a problem. Make sure you monitor the store’s return shipping policy, too. Stuff can be substantial, and shipping charges can add up fast!

  • Washing and Care Instructions
Each fabric owes to its attributes and obliges different care and preservation. If you neglect to read that, there are chances that fabric will behave negatively to water wash and you would lose on a glorious new buy and affects durability.
You should always review for the kind of care the material needs before investing into it, or what took so much energy to acquire, costs you double to maintain - something you do not want to opt for.
  • Design wall/photo app

Some fabric websites have a design wall that empowers you to place different fabrics next to each other to see how they resemble together. If the site doesn’t have this, you can simply do it yourself on your own with a photo collage program or app. This can assist you in comparing two kinds of textiles side by side by their look and texture amongst additional properties.

  • Feel, Drape and Flow
These are the easiest basics to identify if you like the fabric or not.
    • Feel - By the feel of the fabric, we are speaking about the feeling that a fabric proffers. Distinctive stuff has different fundamental textures, for example, velvet feels furry and smooth, cotton has stiffness, and satin feels quite creamy. You should wear what feels good to your skin.These textures depend on the core material as well the quality of the weave, thus illustrating how it feels.

    • Drape and Flow - The drape of a fabric can be said to be its quality of flow or fall. Among other weave determinants, the fall is highly affected by the weight of the material. A heavy weighted, thickly weaved fabric is likely to have much less degree of flowy-ness than a lightweight material. For instance, cotton versus satin.
While electing a piece of fabric and checking its run, first you can determine the use and kind of material you desire.
If you would want a free-flowing attire without any wrinkles and with a cream-like texture, you might go for satin.
If you want to make a lavish jacket, well it can't be free-falling. Here you would require something with a tighter drape to hold the stiffness of the garment.


  • Order for samples

If you’re still not sure about the material and it’s touch, you can always choose to order a sample of the fabric. If it matches your requirements then you can go further for actual order. In this way your effort and money won’t go in vain.

So, before you check out on your cart and place an order for a bunch of interesting fabrics with an enthusiasm for your new outline, make sure to interpret for yourself its purpose and keep the above tips in mind. After all, just a little perception of how the material behaves can help you go a long way and experience the feel of it to make dresses that not only seem nice but feel good likewise.

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