Pantone Color of the Year 2018

Every year, global authority of color, Pantone Institute chooses a color to define the upcoming year. Color of the year stems from an overall analysis of what is currently happening in the world; like design, fashion, art, news etc. It is a visual display of the global mood. Pantone announced ‘ULTRA VIOLET’ as the color of the year for 2018 -  a blue toned cosmic purple, with Pantone number 18-3838.Violet color

As represented by Pantone, purple is the color for inspiration, creativity and to think out of the box. After a year of continuous polarizing news headlines and global tragedies; Pantone finalised a color that not only signals new insights, but also gives a practical, problem solving outlook. For creative and extraordinary people, Ultra Violet means being bold and pushing back the accepted norms and practices. Ultra Violet is an empowering combination in right proportions that makes you believe that the future will be thrilling. Pantone states that Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that leads us towards the future. This color of the year is often associated with mindful practices. The use of purple lights in meditation spaces and other gathering places energizes people and inspires connection. Color of the year is much more than what is trending, it truly is a reflection of what the world currently needs.Violet color Stones

The outcomes that come through the palette of the color of the year, are sometimes mystique and dramatic and sometimes they are joyful. However, the end results come out to be enchanting. By picking up this color trend, pantone initially placed a huge problem in front of the trend setters. However, this problem had a savior. Females could decorate their garments with ultra violet accessories, and gowns look beautiful in this color. Male fashion creators had a huge problem in experimenting with this color. Fashion designers had a great solution to this as well. Ultra Violet pocket squares, ties etc. were thought of, that gave excellent results. Purple can be a difficult color to use in products, it often divides opinion; but if used as an accent it elevates the product. Since ultra violet is a deep hue of purple, it could be used to add depth to the overall look.

The sense–pleasing shade of purple carries a vibe of innovation and luxury, which is often like breathing fresh air. After a few years of working over pastel shades, a bold color took charge this year. Color trends offer a great platform to convey deep messages; designers and brands feel empowered to use this color to influence the mainstream masses. For color enthusiasts , Violet came out to be a great craze as it is bold and triggered the creative stimuli. Ultra Violet comes out to be a highly recognized wedding color, because it is versatile. Ultra Violet could be beautifully paired up with neutrals and give a natural combo. This color trend could be used in decor, bridesmaid dresses and flowers. Purple is linked with sophistication and depicts feminity, glamour and charm. Often, purple is connected with terms like soothing, exciting and calm. Purple unleashes creativity and presents a great styling inspiration among many.

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