London Fashion Week- Latest Fashion Trends

Fashion week is a fashion industry event that lasts for approximately one week. This platform lets various fashion designers and fashion brands to display their latest collection to buyers and media. London fashion week festival is a four day festival of catwalks and designer shopping for public. Such fashion weeks bring about fashion evolution every season and tend to display many trends that later flood the fashion market.


London fashion week recreates a fashion insider’s world and gives you unparalleled access to the industry. However, this is a trade event which is reserved for the fashion industry professionals and the normal public does not have access to it. London fashion week 2017 brought up trends for fall 2018. We hope that these autumn-winter trends for 2018 are appreciated by the mainstream in the coming season.



Chaotic mix of prints is the key element of the Bohemian look. This trend leans on a 1970s palette of browns, oranges and mustards that clash with pinks and some shades of purples. Clashes of prints have been popular for a few seasons, and still grab their position in the latest fashion trends. Designers have brought eccentricity this season like never before. Fashion show for these trends showed layered-up winter bohemian dresses in rich colored velvets that were embellished, tights with Swiss dots, belted overcoats and homely sweaters. The collection also unfolded long cardigans with paisley dresses and patch worked knits.



London fashion week showed some brilliantly vibrant hues that looked trendy. The collection had a great emphasis on green; more specifically sharp grass green, that ruled the city’s key color wheel. Lavender shades of purple also had plenty of time in spotlight. Fashion industry moved away from seasonal color palette this season. The industry serves strong trends this season, with emphasis on greens, yellows and lavenders. Pot of gold or vibrant yellow is at the end and shines bright in the palette.

  1. 1980s HOLD STRONG


There was a nice shift in the color palette, moving way from the jewel tones to a more wearable range of greens, soft pinks and purples. Broad shoulders, puffed up sleeves, metallic fabrics and voluminous pants; were the garments for which London’s designers were in agreement. Several brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Gucci etc. showcased 80s trend in their collection. 1980s trend is accepted by a lot of people because of its visual ease and comfort.



Designers have taken sparkle element very seriously this season. Dresses that were featured on the runway were so shimmery that they stole the show. The displayed look was that of the precious metals which showcased extreme luxury. This collection was alluring on the floors of London fashion week and was loved by the designers. Shimmer adds glam to your look and sets a different and unique fashion trend for the season. Gold, purple and silver were the bright highlights that were shimmering and they looked stunning.



Stripes are always every season’s trend and their presence has beaten floral and graphics. Bold stripes are a little more challenging. Rainbow striped outwear was trendy, and will be ruling the fall of 2018. Stripes were carried out on maxi dresses and the look was graphical. The best way to flatter the look is by carrying the stripes horizontally.


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