Intricate yet precise- Dabka Embroidery

Originating from the hinterlands of Rajasthan, Dabka embroidery is a detailed hand embroidery design which is a complete needle and thread work. Dabka hand embroidery art is intricate and precise. The detailed embroidery has a grace and royal feel in itself. Dabka work is usually done on silk and chiffon fabrics, and is done with zari thread.Model wearing dabka embroidery

The hand embroidery art being so intricate, Dabka employs three to five people to design one product. Moreover, the metal coiled wires or threads are sewed by passing the needle from the middle of the design to give it a 3D look, and make it more appealing. The patterns used in Dabka embroidery, could be various motifs and beautiful designs. However, French knotting or braiding could also be done to give dabka an edgy look.

Dabka Embroidery design

 Dabka hand embroidery designs find their inspiration from nature, which includes all the intricate details. Dabka embroidery is a heavy hand embroidery, and thus, cannot be worn on a daily basis. Dabka work for traditional occasions and gatherings on dresses and saris, add a touch of elegance to your attire. Also, to complete the entire look, ample amount of jewelry will add a perfect charm to your persona. Maintaining such an intricate work on your belongings is a tedious task, thus, dry cleaning is the best option.

The current scenario of the Dabka hand embroidery work is not so promising, however the demand of the art form is huge all over the country. The revival of this beautiful yet intricate art has a long way to go. The Design Cart offers you a variety of Dabka's in various colors to adorn your basic garments and give them a rich look.

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