How to use Color of the Year 2018?

Dramatically proactive and thoughtful, Pantone color of the year 2018 ‘ULTRA VIOLET’; communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking. The bold, blue tinged purple hue, is probably flooding the creative thoughts of the designers in fashion houses. There is a hint of fantasy in the color which is unreal and magical. It opens doors to new and fascinating ideas. Pantone’s hope is that the designers and brands will embrace the color, from a product and campaign perspective. Adapting ultra violet as a basic color in any palette is however, a brave move. Ultra violet pantone color of the year can be used as an accent, like in jars, pillows, vintage rugs etc. By working with other shades in the same family, the boldness of Ultra Violet will soften and it will feel right. Ultra Violet portrays depth and optimism and when it is paired with other colors, it brings energy and richness to any medium. Ultra Violet as pantone color of the year 2018 was a dramatic tribute to all the fashion designers. This color stimulates the creative instinct of color enthusiasts. Ultra Violet as color of the year is filtering down to the mainstream and can now be seen on streets and in homes.Violet fashion styling


Ultra Violet as color of the year is taking over the fashion world. It is an enchanting purple that provides a link for both men’s and women’s style. Ultra Violet is very versatile and offers easy pairing with all the colors on the spectrum. Natural elegance of ultra violet evokes elegance when combined with greens and grays; and it gives a luxurious feel when combined with metallic and gold. Ultra Violet provides distinct appearance with different materials. Color of the year can be used in accessories, jewelry and eyewear. Also, Ultra Violet as a color works well as natural gems, textures and in floral designs.


Ultra Violet is a sense-pleasing shade and gives expressive looks when used in beauty products. It adds depth to the overall look. A pleasing look could be created by beauty products when used as combinations, blends and ombres. Matte purple on lips or nails, make a bold statement; while a soft blend of metallic and Ultra Violet transform the eyes into something mesmerizing. Shades of purple in hair elevate street style and are used as a creative expression. Ultra Violet complements any color it is paired with.


Ultra Violet gives an extraordinary self expression; its polish can tone down a room with subdued modern pairings. This color of the year adds spice and brightness and calls for attention. Ultra Violet in interiors, as a piece of art or on walls creates a statement and looks elegant. Ultra Violet used as an accent in interiors looks very well with all the pastel colors or even with deep tones.Violet machine

With Ultra Violet as a versatile, trans-seasonal and gender neutral anchor, each palette in which it is used, conveys a distinctive mood and feeling and can easily set a trend in fashion industry, beauty products, for home interiors and graphic design applications.

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