Have you always thought of being a Designer?

If you are willing to create new things, without fearing about the risks; you were destined to be a designer. Playing around with colors, working on contrasts and developing something extraordinary, yet fascinating; are the key abilities of a good designer. It sounds obvious but is simple, it all begins with passion. You should be passionate about your work and about whatever you create in order to be a good designer. Believe it or not, but you should have skills of your own to execute in your designs. Develop your natural creative talents and turn them as a tool for solving complex problems.


If you are able to relate to the troubles faced by people, and you can create customized pieces that are valued by the consumer; you are on the right path. Also, take off that fear of DIY; whether you are a jewelry designer or a fashion designer, you should know how to take risks. Create something interesting and make each segment of your design work in harmony each other. The World of design is not stationary; you should be flexible with your ideas. We have some pocket tips for you, if you have always wanted to be a designer. Go ahead and read it!



Are you passionate enough for your work? Designers have an eye for detail. Passionate designers are surrounded with design ideas everywhere around them. They just can’t stop their minds from imagining ideas, skills and solutions in the things they see and experience. There is always a DIY hitting their creative stimuli. Combining the details that affect people’s experiences and collaborating them with your designs, is effectively what designing is about. A designer must have an ability to see what is important and design products in such a way that the details that are missed by most aren’t missed by him / her.



You are a good designer and you have good imagination skills; but you should also have the skills to execute your work. You should exhibit some natural creative talents and you must know how to use them in a consumer friendly way. A little bit of research and in-depth knowledge of the details that you create, are a must. These meaningful insights can fuel and drive your designs. To know the loop holes of your creation and finding an appropriate solution is never a bad idea. Methods and skills like design thinking and manufacturing designs add value to your creative organization.



Your knowledge on designs and your skills to execute them are a waste, if you are unable to explain your designs. Learn to build chapters in a theory for better understanding. With evolution of your design, a back end story that unfolds itself and provides value to your idea should always be ready. Designers need to communicate effectively. Without having the other half of the equation solved, your designs would make no sense and would not be able to reach a lot of people. Your story telling skills, just like your Photoshop skills should be pro and perfect.



Fashion industry is ever evolving. It unfolds itself multiple times according to the present day situations and nothing in this world is stationary. Quite obviously you need to be creative if you are a good designer. As a good designer, you have to be willing to learn new things. Everyone wants change, so being flexible with your ideas and executing it in a way where consumers accept it, works really well. Unleash your natural curiosity and go wild with your thinking and imagination skills. Be flexible with your ideas and be ready to change; everything beautiful is accepted by people.



Being a designer brings up lots of searching and sourcing of materials. Designers must have found themselves in scorching heat and dust, looking for the best fabrics and jewelry embellishments in highly crowded markets. None of you like it but you have to be there to procure best that is available. Good news for all the jewelry and fashion designers is that there are some online portals that allow you to get fabrics and jewelry materials at your doorstep. The Design Cart is one such online bead and fabric store that provides you with high quality beads and buttons; and fine finished fabrics at wholesale prices. The website also treats you with discount codes and offers and is a one stop shop for many designers. Also, if you have an issue on how to buy fabric online, visit our previous blogs!

A designer’s life is not everything fancy; it requires a lot of hard work and good skills. You might have always wanted to be designers, polishing your existing skills always works. Thanks for your time, Happy shopping!


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