Fabric Stories- Home Décor Using Fabrics

Have you ever looked around your space and felt like it could use a little something extra but couldn't figure out what, exactly, that extra component should be? Well, the answer you’re looking for just might be as easy (and inexpensive) as heading to the fabric store.

Fabric is a simple and highly customizable way to enhance virtually any element in your home. From giving your coasters a bit more stylish pizzazz to updating the look of your walls, fabric is packed with interior improvement potential. And the best part about it is that there are seemingly endless fabric patterns, styles, and materials to choose from, so it’s a cinch to hone in on the perfect piece for your unique aesthetic and style sensibility.

If you’re ready to revive, refresh, and customize your space, get inspired by the following fabric-infused ideas.


  1. Make Over Your Living Room With This Cheap and Easy Rug HackLay out your rug to complement your seating area. The rug adds a bit of color, texture and design to the otherwise neutral tone of the living space which gives more character. In other words, “that rug really tied the room together.”
  1. Make your own roman shades from unique fabric and mini blinds. One of the most forbidding tasks to come across after renovating  home is finding proper window coverings. From the tedious task of picking out fabric from a collection of subpar choices to the daunting cost of a custom order, it’s no wonder countless windows have remained bare and uncovered for nearly a year since we moved in. Tthe addition of texture, pattern and color has been is the perfect way to add more colors.
  1. Use comfy fabric to sew your own throw blanket, like this faux fur one with tassles.It's super cozy to curl up with on those cool fall nights, and it also looks really pretty folded up. And you can get creative with the color scheme - it would look great in a plaid pattern, or with a darker faux fur.
  2. Use fabric to decorate a lampshade in a colorful print.Most of us have lamps in our home already, and this simple fabric update can totally change the look and help you add a little more color or pattern to a room.
  3.  Throw Pillow: Repurposing Fabric into Home Décor – Throw pillows are the perfect details to add life and colors to a living space. They are useful, comfortable and and can be customised in various shapes and sizes.
  1.  Use raw fabric as a table runner.One can make several rustic canvas table runners. You can run them across the width of the table, and use them almost like placemats. They are the perfect addition of texture and really helped achieve the neutral layered look.
  1.  Adding CurtainsWe think they’d be a great beginner project if you’re new to sewing! They’ll make such an impact in and  they’ll blend marvellously . The grey and teals colours with some warmer tones to highlight the warm sunlight rays and also help build privacy!We at www.designcart.com have a huge and vivid variety of fabrics that identifies with our customers for more than just clothing! Visit us and find all our season and regular needs! Happy Shopping!


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