DIY Crochet

Crochet is a technique of creating fabric by interlocking of yarns or threads together, with the help of a crochet hook. ‘Crochet’ is derived from a French word that means a small hook. This crochet hook can be made up of metal, plastic or wood; and it is very efficient. Crochet and knitting involves the same procedure of making the fabric by interloping of threads. Both crochet and knitting have different sets of tools and involve different types of stitches. Crochet stitch is in the form of knots. Each crochet stitch is completed before proceeding to the next stitch.


However, in knitting all the stitches are interlinked and one mistake can make you start the procedure from the beginning. Crochet stitches are looped together in different styles than knitting. When we hear the word knitting, we link it with making sweaters. Whereas, crochet designs look alluring in hats, scarves, baby blankets, as crochet flowers, on bags, rugs and many more such products. There are less crochet patterns known, but they all look very beautiful and can further be created into more intricate designs. Crochet flowers are easy to make and can be embellished on almost every accessory to give an edge to its overall look. Crocheting is a fast procedure and those beautiful crochet articles are made in a short span of time. The looped yarns in crochet articles, gives enough space and the fabric or the article constructed is heavier and stretchier. Each crochet stitch is individually looped and there is no transferring of stitches from one loop to the other which makes it a preferable choice as compared to knitting. DIY crochet article making, does not require a lot of space or special machines or a huge investment.


To start with DIY crochet; all you require is a crochet pattern, a yarn and a crochet hook. Crochet rings or magic rings can be sticked on any article to enhance its look and to add glamour to it. DIY crochet can be constructed into beautiful designs and can be made into covers to add value to the look of bowls and can also be used for making innovative DIY crochet for laptop covers. DIY crochet techniques and methods are slightly more accessible. Crochet has experienced its revival in many fashion shows and thus, has become a craze among several DIY artists. Different designs and methods can be constructed out of DIY crochet making.


material for crochet

DIY crochet requires basic materials like a thread or a yarn and a crochet hook. Also, if you are making a crochet cover, you will require the article for accurate size of crochet. Moreover, if you are a beginner in DIY crochet, you are advised to choose a light colored yarn; so that the previous crochet stitch is easily visible and will determine where you are inserting your crochet hook. To make a DIY crochet pattern, yarn of accurate weight should be selected. When following different patterns, crochet yarn weights needs to be taken care of. Additional tools for measuring the crochet fabric or for making more related accessories are also convenient to have. DIY crochet patterns produce a bold, visual effect with thick yarns; and a refined and delicate crochet pattern with thinner set of yarns.


types of crochet stitches

There are five main stitches for making DIY crochet patterns:

  1. Chain stitch
  2. Slip stitch
  3. Single crochet stitch
  4. Half double crochet stitch
  5. Double crochet stitch

All these crochet stitches cover almost the same horizontal space for making any DIY crochet article, but they differ in height and thickness. Advanced DIY crochet stitches are a combination of basic stitches. These advanced DIY crochet stitches include shell stitch, V stitch, spike stitch, afghan stitch, butterfly stitch, cluster stitch, popcorn stitch and crocodile stitch.


how to crochet

Any DIY crochet pattern begins by placing a slip knot loop on the hook, pulling another loop through first loop and by repeating the same process to create product of the desired length. Single chain that is made by DIY crochet can be turned and further worked in rows or each chain can be joined in the beginning of the row with a slip crochet stitch and can be further worked in rounds. Many crochet stitches, when incorporated in a single loop create DIY crochet designs in circles. Crochet stitch is made by pulling one or more loops out of each loop of the chain. DIY crochet patterns can be made either flat i.e. in rows or even in circles to form circular crochet patterns.


Crochet is a balance of versatility and beauty without sacrificing creativity. In DIY crochet, it is easier to fix a stitch mistake and you don’t have to unravel the entire crochet article for a single stitch mistake. Crochet rings as embellishments are also available, at The Design Cart.

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