Biggest Trends of SS19

Fashion industry goes through a lot of changes every now and then. Every fashion season comes with the biggest fashion trends followed by people worldwide. Fashion is influenced by various factors. Various fashion forecasters use the latest fashion trends to determine the growth and fall of a particular trend. The main idea behind being fashionable is to look classy. New fashion is easily accessible to the mainstream. Things that are in fashion now will go out of fashion by the season end or by the next year. A person is said to be fashionable if they are following the recent fashion trend. The prevailing fashion trends are influenced by various factors including cinema, celebrities, climate, politics, economy and many more.

SS19 Trends

Climate however, plays an important role to keep you updated and in trend. Toledo said that style is an effective way to carve out your individuality and fashion is easy to apply as it is all on the surface, there is no depth in it. It is adapting to the fashion trends as it comes, without further thinking. Style is content; it involves a lot of judgment before any application. Fashion somewhere is all about clothes, while style is the overall appearance. You cannot wear any jewelry that doesn’t match up with your face type and wear any garment that doesn’t suit your body type, which is the ideal style quotient. Style is considered as an extension of fashion, which means adapting fashion but presenting fashion is an altogether different vibe. Everyone has a personal style; it just needs to be recognized.

We have shortlisted a guide to the biggest fashion trends 2019.

  1.  Sheer

Sheer trend

Transparency was a headline trend for spring summer 2018. Sheer was everywhere this season in dresses, coats, skirts and shorts. Sheer became a huge trend and is forecasted to continue for the next season as well. Sheer was also taken over in accessories like bags and footwear, and got a great response. Sheer buttons are also a trending detail that is carried forward for the next season. 

  1. Tie Dye

Tie Dye

The coming season of SS19 has tie dye trend reaching new heights and is accepted by people of all the generations. Tie Dye Trend reminds us of summertime, childhood and being free; tie dye has a very beautiful appeal to it that most other prints fail to execute.

  1. Fringes


Fringes made a huge comeback this season. Fringes are seen on all types of clothing, accessories and even on footwear. Fringes on accent pieces like bustiers and bags; are easily accepted. However, others incorporated fringes in layers and carried it in delicate pieces and looked adorable. Fringes in earrings also look beautiful.

  1. Make Yellow your color


Yellow is the hottest color of SS19. Be bold, and carry yellow from head to toe, in style. Add chic accessories, pop heels and make your favorite yellow shine. So the people who say that yellow is not a fall season color, try this out this season. Yellow will make you look trendy, stylish and classier.

  1. Match your Outfit


Planning an outfit has never been easier. So why not wear the same color in both the upper and the lower half? SS19 come up with the match-match trend. Carry the look with beautiful accessories and carry same colored handbag as that of the outfit, and you are ready with a bold and classy look.

Be Bold and don’t stick to the old fashion myths. Be creative and carry yourself in style. 

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