Banarasi Brocade

Brocade fabric falls under the class of rich and decorative fabric. Banarasi Brocade fabric is a luxurious fabric and it is worn as celebration attire across the nation. Banarasi Brocade fabrics are richly designed with raised patterns to give such fabrics an appealing look. Brocade fabric generally has floral or geometric patterns that are introduced usually during the weaving process. Brocade’s fabric face usually has satin or twill weaves. Such fabrics are widely used for evening dresses, draperies, and upholstery. Intricate patterns adorning Brocade fabric is not the only reason to make this fabric liked by all. Banarasi brocade is considered rich and heavy because of the fine gold and zari work that is done on it. This is also the reason why Banarasi brocade sarees are regarded by women of all age groups, for all occasions.

Brocade Fabric

Brocade patterns are generally woven on silk; although, they can also be found on a blend of silk and other synthetic fibers. It is a lavishly decorated woven fabric. Brocade produces rich designs. This fabric is reserved for elegant décor and for more dressy occasions, and it is also made from fabrics that have a high sheen. Originally, when this fabric was introduced, local artisans adapted certain traditional motifs like sun, animals, plants, and moon.

Banarasi Brocade

After the Mughal period, Persian patterns filled with flowers and paisley designs were liked more than the basic motifs. Heavy brocade fabrics that are used for upholstery are called Brocatelle. Because of the weaving pattern that is used on Brocade fabrics, it often shrinks when wet. Dry cleaning is a preferred cleaning method for such fabrics, especially for expensive items. Extra care should be taken of such fabrics, to prevent snagging. For ironing Brocade fabric, it is recommended to use a cotton towel between the fabric and iron, to prevent snagging and pulls.


Silk Brocade Sarees

Brocade sarees are intricately woven with traditional Brocade patterns and have a thick gold or silver thread work border. Elegant border on Banarasi Brocade sarees, give it a rich look. When a regular silk saree is woven, the weft thread is wrapped over the warp thread and the process continues till the end. But, this is not the same with Banarasi brocade sarees. In brocade sarees, an additional set of weft threads with golden and silver threads are woven with the basic threads to create different patterns. Zari work in between the normal weaving of sarees forms intricate patterns. Such sarees are hand-woven and a traditional loom is used to facilitate their creation.


Silk brocade fabrics are divided into 2 broader categories.


Kinkhwab Fabric

Kinkhwab is an elaborate and heavy form of brocade fabric. It has an extensive amount of zari work done on the silk fabric which makes the fabric nearly invisible. It is a popular bridal wear fabric. Kinkhwab is characterized by intricate buta work and detailed surface. Kinkhwab fabrics are inspired by flora and fauna. Wet brocade fabrics should not be sun-dried, as they can fade. Such fabrics form elegant and formal drapes.


Katan Brocade

Pothans is also known as Katan brocade fabric and it is created by twisting silk filaments together, to create a surface. Although it has closely woven silk threads, Katan brocade is lighter than Kinkhwab fabric. This type of brocade fabric is usually used to create rich garments and it is quite expensive.


Modern Day Uses Of Brocade

Brocade fabrics are mostly used for upholsteries and draperies. Semi-precious stones to adorn brocade fabrics have been replaced with sequins and beads for decoration. Banarasi brocade fabric and Banarasi brocade silk sarees are extremely popular worldwide. Patterns that are traditionally used on brocade fabrics are now used on western garments as well. Wearing Banarasi brocade is considered highly lavish, even in the formal events, such garments are usually styled with equally heavy jewelry.

However, it is a task to maintain Banarasi Brocade fabrics. While wrapping the fabric, it should be kept in between the muslin cloth to prevent damage from external factors. Also, it is recommended to only dry clean such fabrics. Style yourself with Banarasi brocade fabrics available at The Design Cart.


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