Applique Work

Appliqué work is a basic thread and needlework in which fabrics cut in different shapes and sizes are sewn together on a large base fabric to form a pattern or design. It is commonly used for decoration as patchwork, on garments. This technique is accomplished by hand embroidery or by machine. Appliqué is an ancient sewing craft, where the designs are achieved by layering small pieces of fabric onto a separate base fabric to form beautiful designs.

Applique Work

To give a fabric distinct yet cohesive look, appliqué work is used for decoration. This fabric is ornamented with beads and sequins to give it a designer look. Appliqué has got its roots from French culture which means something applied or a thing that has been applied. Appliqué work actually originated where the clothes were ripped and needed fixing to appear decent and classic.

Applique Work

Craftsmen used to sew a different fabrics or the same fabric beneath the ripped area of the garment to make the clothes wearable. This handy technique later came to be known as patchwork. Earlier, it was used by the poor who did not have enough money to buy new clothes and had to mend their torn pieces of garments. Later, patchwork came into fashion and was easily accepted by mainstream fashion.


Making of Applique

Appliqué work refers to basic sewing in which various pieces of embroidery, fabric or other embellishment materials like stones, beads, and sequins are sewn together onto a fabric to create different designs, abstract patterns or pictures. Appliqué is suitable for anything that has to be seen from a distance like banner and posters, made out of fabric. It is used extensively in quilting to make them look rich with detailed patchwork. Generally, different fabric pieces are sewn together in a pattern to form quilt covers and are ornamental quilt patterns, since ages. Appliqué is also a famous form of embroidery that is used to adorn sarees with elaborate and intricate patterns and also for fabric pieces that have vibrant looking borders.


Variety of Applique

Appliqué employs a number of stitches to attach separate fabric pieces onto a single base fabric. Most common stitches used to join these are straight stitch or running stitch. It is usually done on the outline edges of the fabric. Satin stitch is another stitch that is used to overlap the fabric edges and attach it to the base fabric. Single layer appliqué is very popular and stitches very quickly. Raw edge appliqué is a quick and easy technique used to create a sophisticated and modern look like that of a quilt. Multi hoop appliqué is used to create much larger designs. Reverse appliqué is achieved when various materials and their layers are stitched together. Upper parts of the layers are stitched together and are cut away and the edges are stitched.


Applique work

With changing trends, the art has also found modern techniques. The versatility of the fabric makes it a perfect pick for experiments. The fabric that is prepared for appliqué is sewed separately and then it is later sewn onto the base fabric by machine embroidery. Appliqué work sarees and dresses can be easily carried with chunky jewelry. The color of the accessory and the garment may be similar or in contrast. This timeless fabric suits all occasions and easily becomes the center of attraction.

Appliqué work fabrics are easy to maintain and do not rip off once they are stitched onto the base fabric. Fused appliqué does not sag or wrinkle and can be made into beautiful designer patterns.

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