10 Affordable DIY Home Décor Ideas This Festive Season

It’s that time of the year when we all start preparing our homes for festivals. While festivals are unmatched in the fervour and excitement they bring, they also raise environmental concerns such as pollution and waste disposal. So, if you don’t want your love for nature to mar your celebrations, why not take the eco-friendly route while you get your house all decked up for a fun-filled festive season?

1. Refurbish with Old and Torn Sarees

We all have that old or torn saree tucked inside our closet which we totally adore but won’t be using again. Reused creatively, vintage sarees can add a dash of traditional opulence to your home this festive season. From stunning cushion covers and curtains to brocade quilts and table spreads, they are a great way of giving a traditional touch to your home.

2. Recycled CDs Lights and Lamps

Have you noticed a growing amount of old music compilations, out of date software or even just faulty blank CDs stacking up in your home or office? Breathe some new life into them again by giving these cool lighting projects a chance to return those used CDs and DVDs to their former glory.

3. Hanging Can Lamps

Get inspired with this creative project that taps into the beauty of up cycled home decor. Use unwanted cartons and cans from your kitchen to create these beautiful hanging tea light lamps.

4. Plastic Bottle Candle Holder

Here, beautiful multicolored flower craft require plastic bottle, scissors, gum and colored thread. Process to create this craft is very simple and the complete method to create this awesome decoration idea is given in picture. Here we have used a candle as a light-source, you may also change it. Put this lamp between Rangoli and make them much brighter.

5. Reused Paper Torans

Torans (also called buntings or bandanwaars) are usually placed at the entrance of a house to welcome the guests and set the festive mood. Traditionally the torans are created with mango leaves and flowers but you can also use recyclable materials such as cardboard, handmade paper, old ornaments, etc., to make vibrant and colorful torans.

Instead of wasting money on cheap plastic buntings or the usual string of leaves and flowers that die out in a day, you could set the festive mood by creating Torans or buntings using simple cardboard pieces. If you have old greeting cards around the house, you can use them to make colorful buntings to hang around the entrance of the house. Simply cut them in interesting shapes and tie them together on a string.

6. D-I-Y Candles

One of the simplest things you can make during festivities, are festive candles. You can make candles out of a number of ingredients such as salt dough, egg shells, seashells or even orange peels. We all have a few seashells around the house. Pick a few nice rounded ones and paint them with fabric paints or stick sequins around them. You can then add melted wax and a wick to create your candle. You can also make scented candles in a similar manner. You can tie cinnamon sticks around a wax candle for a sweet cinnamon scent or add coffee beans in a glass and add a tea light in the middle.


7. Glass and Paper Lanterns

Almost every home has a lantern during festivities. Besides the traditional paper lanterns that hang outside your window, you can have beautiful glass Kandeels around the house as well. Get out the old glass jars and spray paint them in different colors. You can then add golden puffy paint on both the top and the bottom for a more interesting look. Put a candle or LED lights in the jar and you have beautiful morocco lighting for your home. You can also create paper lanterns using colorful paper bags. Turn the bags upside down and tie them together on a string in the form of buntings. Remove the handles of the bag and attach free flowing ribbons instead. You can then make a hole on the top of each bag to attach a bulb.

8. Construct Exclusive D-I-Y Pistachio Shell Candle Stick

If DIY is your thing and you enjoy doing art and craft projects, then the Pistachio shell candle stick is your ideal choice for Diwali decoration. Collect the discarded shells of pistachios clean them and make sure they don’t get broken. Cut cardboard pieces in a round disc like shape to be used as a base or use old CDs for the purpose. Paint the shells with spray paints or acrylic colours. Fix the shells on the base using a hot glue gun. Place the tea light candle or diyaa in the center for a complete look.

9. Utilize Glass Bottles and Fairy Lights for Plush Diwali Decoration

Different colored bottles of wine or even other alcoholic drinks like beer and whiskey can be used for increasing the liveliness of your Diwali decorations this year. Fill the colorful bottles with bright fairy lights and place them together in the nooks and corners of your house for a glowing and energetic Diwali look.

10. All the little things

The decoration is not just about the big things instead it is about the little things too. Like, during the decoration of the house you can change the cushions, curtains, bed covers to make the look of the house change into the festive look.  Try to think of out of the box ideas like using old sarees as cushion cover to make the covers tradition in looks.

A bit of Brain with a beat of Heart…
To make auspicious occasions even more special you can create a unique array of decorative items using simple household materials ranging from plastic spoons to sea-shells. Of course, you will also need lighting fixtures, tea lights, diyas and a lot of other special supplies, which are easily available in great variety at www.designcart.com right at your finger tips. Follow your heart without ignoring your brain and chalk out décor plans with the help of ideas suggested above.

These are a few of the DIY home décor and gift ideas for you to choose from to jazz up your house and room for the upcoming festive season. If you try your hand at any of these DIY home décor ideas, do tag us on Instagram and Facebook!

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