White Plain Poly Crepe Fabric


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Color- White
Powerloom Fabric
Pre Washed Fabric. +/- 3% Shrinkage. Wet & Dry rubbing fastness - Minimum 4
Width- 46 Inches / 116 cm
Fabric Content- 100% Polyester
Polyester Crepe Fabric
Polyester crepe fabric has a crisp and crinkled texture. This fabric has tightly woven threadas of both, polyester and crepe fabric. Polyester crepe fabric has an outstanding durability and wrinkle resistance. Printed polyester crepe fabric can be used to create clothing, furnishings, etc. Polyester crepe fabric is considered to be thin, but not necessarily sheer. Due to its beautiful drape and popularity, polyester crepe fabric is often used for making formal wear, skirts, blouses and suits. It dries easily and therefore, it is easy to take care of such fabrics.

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