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Multicolour Fish Acrylic Sequins


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Size (Approx): 2*0.6*0.2 cm (l*b*h)

Sequins are small, decorative beads that are used to adorn garments and various other accessories. Sequins are generally made up of plastic. High-quality polymer sheets are used to make these plastic sequins. They have smooth edges and they are stitched with proper finishing. Plastic sequins are generally stitched flat on the surface of the product so that they are less likely to fall off. Some sequins have faceted surface, that increases its reflective ability. Plastic sequins are available in a large variety of colors and shapes and it is acceptable by various designers. Plastic sequins are embellished on garments, footwear, and various other accessories.

It can be stitched on to a fabric or stuck on paper or other materials.Use your unlimited creativity design jewelry for kids, teenagers, accessories-Neck pieces, Belts, scrap booking, Christmas Decorations and many more stuff you can simply think of, with these Stunning beads.

Disclaimer: Some color may vary slightly because of the lighting. Since these are handcrafted there may be slight irregularities.

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